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Yummy Thai has locations in both Buffalo and North Tonawanda to bring you some incredible vegetarian Asian fare.

As a vegetarian, I love me some Asian food, and there’s not much that beats Thai. Yummy Thai is a great place for some flavorful dishes and great times with friends!

The first time I every tried Yummy Thai was at their North Tonawanda location when I worked at an office in Amherst. It was fairly easy to get to from my work, and even though it was a few years ago by this point, I remember thoroughly enjoying the Pud Thai and Vegetarian Fried Spring Rolls. However my Thai enthusiast friends were dwindling as they moved on to advance their careers, and so I didn’t find my way back to that location. It wasn’t until their second location opened up not far from my house in North Buffalo that I rekindled my taste affair with Yummy Thai.

Yummy Thai Tom Yum

My first experience at the new location was shortly after it opened up and long before I started a vegetarian food blog. Otherwise I would have taken a picture of whatever I had ordered (it’s been a long time, but I’m pretty certain it was Pud Thai again). Being new, Yummy Thai wasn’t particularly busy that night. My table was one of a few and since it was a couples date, we might have also been the loudest. #Sorrynotsorry, we had a blast!

I knew our dinner took a while, but it was four of us, we had drinks, and were enjoying each other’s company, so it wasn’t a big deal. It’s something one would expect. However the second time I went to Yummy Thai on Kenmore for lunch with a friend, the service took a while too. While she had beaten me there and had a drink, it took a long time for the server to come around to take my drink order, let alone take our lunch order. Perhaps there’s a stereotype because we’re two women of a certain age meeting for lunch at 1, but honestly, we were on a clock. I had learned as a server it was best to treat every weekday lunch like the table only has an hour to get out of the office, get food, and get back in time rather than pick and choose which people have lunch breaks versus those who don’t, but that’s not every server’s agenda.

That being said, the actual food? It’s so good. Yummy Thai has plenty of vegetarian options to choose from. The customer chooses which kind of protein he or she wants and pairs that protein with the entrees, so it makes it very simple to have whatever kind of meal you want with whatever kind of protein you want, be it tofu, meat, or seafood.

Yummy Thai Panang

In efforts to expand beyond pasta, I’ve been on a huge Panang Curry kick, and I have to say, Yummy Thai does not disappoint. The Panang Curry has Thai spices blended in mild chili paste with string bean, squash, bell pepper, peas, carrot, and kaffir lime leaves simmered in coconut milk and served in a bowl to let all those delicious flavors meld. It was served with a vegetarian fried spring roll and steamed rice, but Black rice or Sticky rice could be purchased for an up-charge. It was delicious and perfect for a chilly day. Since both tofu and bell peppers don’t sit well with me, I ordered the Panang straight up with vegetables sans bell pepper and was perfectly happy with what was laid in front of me.

Chili Lime Ginger Chicken

My friend ordered the lunch Chili Lime Ginger, which is made with a hot ginger curry sauce stir-fried with green bean, squash, broccoli, napa, mushroom, onion, bell pepper and kaffir lime leaves, and she ordered her’s with chicken, but of course it could come with tofu or a seafood option. She’d be on a ginger chicken kick and her Chili Lime Ginger Chicken hit the spot for her. That with the steamed rice and spring roll, it’s a perfect lunch portion for sure.

Again, the restaurant wasn’t too busy, a few tables were there at one, so the great thing is that Yummy Thai is the perfect place to go to hear yourselves. You don’t have to yell over a din and it’s great for holding conversations. The portions are excellent and the price is right, so if you can maybe luck out and get a server to hustle, it makes a great place for a lunch date or even for lunch by yourself. I certainly recommend it, even for the wait!

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