Aguacates Mexican Bar and Grill

Aquacates Mexican Bar and GrillElmwood Village Vegetarian

El Agave was one of my favorite restaurants in the Village. It was cheap, the servers were nice, the food was good, and the setting was intimate. We don’t need to go into details as to why it’s not here anymore, but its replacement, Aguacates Mexican Bar and Grill, is a great fit! The inside is still cozy (read: better for groups of 2 rather than groups of 5), the patio has a few tables and umbrellas, and the margarita machines are still churning.

The Food

Aguacates’ regular menu features vegetarians options for $9.50 a plate. They also have a daily lunch menu from 11-3:30 pm including a few vegetarian options ranging in price from $7.25-$10.15. Considering the size of the plates, plus the chips and salsa, those prices are not bad at all. If you don’t want to dine in, you can order to-go for a 50 cent up-charge per plate. The vegetarian options sounded good, but something else caught my attention…

Amigo Special Special RequestWhat I Ordered

For a restaurant named Aguacates, I probably should have ordered something with avocados. Alas, one of the not-vegetarian dishes is called the Amigo Special stood out. A burrito “sopped” with cheese and enchilada sauce sounded absolutely mouth-watering, so I nicely asked my server if the kitchen would make that chicken and chorizo burrito a bean burrito instead. She didn’t think that would be a problem, and the final product was delicious!

The Verdict

I knew the dish was served with refried beans on the side, so basically it was a heavy bean dish, but who cares? It was tasty! Aguacates’ rice was nice too–I’m picky about my Mexican rice and this was one of the better ones in the area! The dish was filling and I had leftover refried beans I didn’t finish. Our server was attentive (she made that substitute for me), made sure our drinks were filled, and offered to bring more chips. Not only that, but I was sitting on the patio and the weather was beautiful. My husband and I got in and out in good time for lunch and were perfectly full.


Most Mexican restaurants are pretty safe when it comes to vegetarian options. As I love to travel, I can usually bet on a local Mexican restaurant to have a Vegetarian section to their menu, but the quality is up in the air. Aguacates provides Elmwood Village with not only tasty food, but affordable fare! And next time I go in, as I will go again, I’ll be sure to get something with avocados. If you’re looking for some good Mexican food and don’t want to spend a lot of money (but don’t skimp your server), then check out Aguacates for lunch!

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