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Jasmine Thai shouldn’t be a great surprise to Buffalo/Tonawanda locals. But in case you’re new to the area and are shopping at the Boulevard Mall, forgo the food court and head across the Blvd to 1330 Niagara Falls Blvd: Jasmine Thai. It’s nothing to look at from the outside, and honestly it’s nothing to look at on the inside, but the food–that’s where the beauty is.

Tom Yum Noodles

The Food

I used to work in Amherst and my foodie friends loved Jasmine Thai. I was always an advocate because as a pescatarian, Jasmine Thai fit my diet perfectly. Vegans and Vegetarians will also love it as long as no soy intolerance stands between them and tofu dishes. As soy doesn’t settle with me, I do the fish/shellfish dishes. No big shocker to usual readers, but my choice of lunch was usually Pad Thai. It’s good. Maybe not Teton Kitchen pad thai, but it’s up there! Other good choices are the Panang Curry, Green Curry, and the Pad Woonsen. Don’t let me stop you from branching out, though. If all these are good, the other dishes stand a good chance of being great too.

What I Ordered

For this most recent visit, I was feeling a little spicy. The only place in Buffalo that I can really trust for an excellent Tom Yum soup is Saigon Bangkok just a little further down the Boulevard, but I was feeling adventurous and Jasmine Thai has a gluten-free Tom Yum Noodles Soup entree. Rice noodles are prepared with your choice of protein in a hot and sour broth for $11.50 – $14.50, depending on your choice of protein. I went with the shrimp and the results were perfect.

The Verdict

Loved it. I think I’ve found another solid restaurant in Buffalo with a winning Tom Yum recipe. The noodles were perfect, the broth (I ordered medium spicy; might go for mild next time) was delicious, and the shrimp weren’t overcooked. The portion is huge–about the same size as my husband’s Pho. I also used his accoutrements to slightly doctor up my own, such as the bean sprouts and an extra lime. Had there been more Thai basil, I might have dropped that in the Tom Yum as well. These were just things that I did to enhance my own soup, but the original was a terrific base to start.


I believe it’s obvious that I approve Jasmine Thai. I’ve been a fan for years and am a bit surprised I haven’t written about it before. So here it is: better late than never. If you’re looking for tasty Thai just North of Buffalo, give Jasmine Thai a go!

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