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Make your 2015 a classy year with some culture from Shea’s Performing Arts Center

Avid Vegetarian Buffalo readers know I’m not originally from Buffalo, and one of my favorite things about moving to Nickel City happens to be the traveling broadway shows that make their way through Shea’s Performing Arts Center. I’ve seen Spamalot, Wicked, The Book of Mormon, and coming in March The Phantom of the Opera gets added to that list, and I couldn’t be more excited!

What’s happening at Shea’s Performing Arts Center?

The 2014-2015 season is wrapping up, so this article is for the remainder of this season.

  • MOTOWN The Musical: January 20th – 25th
  • The Mystery of the Silver Chalice: February 5th – 22nd
  • Million Dollar Quartet: February 6th – 7th
  • Free Family Film Series – The Lego Movie: February 8th
  • Chicago The Musical: February 17th – 22nd
  • Dancing Pros Live: February 25th
  • The Irish Comedy Tour: February 26th – March 1st
  • Let It Be: February 28th
  • The Illusionists: March 6th – 8th
  • Sesame Street Live – Make a New Friend: March 11th – 15th
  • The Phantom of the Opera: March 18th – 29th

Kinky Boots

  • Free Family Film Series – Shrek The Third: April 12th
  • Annual Black Tie Gala: April 18th
  • Kinky Boots: April 21st – 26th
  • John Mellencamp Plain Spoken Tour: May 9th
  • Wine Food and Beer Festival: May 14th
  • In The Mood: May 31st
  • Book of Mormon: June 2nd – June 7th

For more info on these events and to order tickets, go to

Again, this is just for the remainder of the 2014-2015 season. We’ll have a new post when the 2015-2016 season is announced, so don’t forget to subscribe to Vegetarian Buffalo! As you can see there’s events for both couples only and family friendly events, so Shea’s is really fantastic about giving the community a lot of chances to come check out the theater.

How should you get ready for an event at Shea’s Performing Arts Center? What can you expect at Shea’s?

If you’ve never been to the theater, it’s nice to be prepared. Here’s what you can expect if you’ve never been to Shea’s before:

Attire is usually nice-casual.

  • Ladies can wear dresses, cocktail dresses, or dress pants with a nice top. During the weekdays people pretty much come from day jobs, so they’re still wearing their business casual clothes. On weekends I’ve even worn a nice (read: new, non-distressed) pair of skinny jeans tucked into boots with a nice sweater and fit in with the crowd. Ladies don’t need to dress up like it’s prom, but it’s a perfect occasion to dig out a cocktail dress and do your hair.
  • Men usually sport anything as nice from a business suit to slacks with a tucked in shirt, be it button up or polo. The more fashion forward men pull off more aggressive outfits, such as a t-shirt under a sports jacket with nice jeans and belt, or a pull over sweater with colorful pants. These are’t black tie events (except for the Black Tie Gala, that is), but it’s more than a weekend-t-shirt-and-jeans kind of turnout.
  • For both men and women, if you do decide to spring for jeans, don’t wear any with holes or tears, even if the jeans came that way. It’s best to not wear distressed jeans as it just looks out of place. Individuality is highly prized, but embrace the challenge of standing out within certain dress codes. It can be done, I’ve seen it.
  • For women, shoes can be flats, boots, heels, and high-end sandals, pretty much anything besides flip flops. And depending on the weather, even some spruced up embellished flip flops might work. This is Buffalo, after all, we’re not too pretentious around here. But if you’re reading this, I suggest something of the closed-toe, flat-soled variety, as you can never be certain where you might have to park and walk.
  • For men, shoes are typically of the closed-toe varieties. Sorry, but catching some manly toes in the crowd might get some interesting looks. Avoid those awkward raised eyebrows and stick to something that covers those piggies.


Every time I’ve been to Shea’s shows they’ve had a coat check. It’s typically only $1 each coat, and since it’s our night out and the proceeds typically go towards the theater’s renovations (there should be a sign that tells you where proceeds go), my husband and I spring for it so we don’t have to sit on our coats in the theater.

There’s a merchandise booth where you can purchase trinkets from the show. Personally, I love getting show t-shirts to workout or go running in, and once I’ve worn them for a while, I set them aside to save for a broadway themed quilt. Those will vary between $20-$45 for tees and hoodies, but there are other things there like key chains, totes, magnets, so on and so forth, so bring some extra cash if you want something to remember the occasion by.

Usually there is a cash bar that serves up a few basic beers, white and red wine, and champagne. Sometimes we’ll get a drink, sometimes we won’t, but don’t forget to tip your tender.

During intermission there will be a snack bar where you can purchase cookies, a pretzel, soda, or something small that you can eat in the 15 minute long intermission without taking the food or drink into the theater when the show starts.

Shea's Performing Arts (Image Credit WOJ Photogarphy)

I absolutely love Shea’s Performing Arts Center and have enjoyed every single outing there. My husband and I usually beginning the evening with dinner before the show and maybe or maybe not drinks afterwards at one of the surrounding bars, because you’re already dressed up, go show off in Downtown Buffalo! While live theater might not be for everyone, even my husband has enjoyed the selection of racy scripts or extravagant staging shows I’ve chosen for our date nights, even though he certainly does not care for theater in the least. Do your show research, check out what people have to say, and book your future date or family outing now at Shea’s!

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