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Agave Lunch #3 Feature

Craving great Mexican but don’t want to wander too far from Elmwood Village? Perfect, let’s do Agave!

It might feel like there are a lot of Mexican restaurants here on Vegetarian Buffalo, but that only really happens because Mexican restaurants provide such excellent vegetarian options! Agave in Elmwood Village just adds to that fine tradition of providing meatless meals that taste extraordinary.

Nachos with Beans

While doing some holiday shopping I came across Agave, so on a Sunday afternoon the hubs and I tried it for the first time. For some really crazy reason, the only thing I wanted was nachos. Like, real, awesome, cheesy nachos (sorry vegans). So when we were sat immediately at a two person table in this small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant, I ordered the Nachos with Beans, as the server told me it came topped with cheese.

And boy did it! The Nachos with Beans absolutely hit the spot. At least, it would have if I hadn’t seen my husband’s order of Nachos Grande. Truth be told, loaded with fresh lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream, I should have just ordered that and requested they leave off the meat. It looked amazing and my husband, who actually has ordered nachos as a meal on more than one occasion, was certainly happy with it.

Nacho Grande

As we sat in Agave on this Sunday afternoon, I saw three separate tables of one come in to sit and have lunch by themselves. After being involved in the food business as long as I have, you can be certain that people coming in by themselves to sit and have lunch alone means that this restaurant is, indeed, fantastic. People, including myself, don’t just go have lunch alone at places that aren’t worth it, so seeing this happen three times on my first visit to Agave sealed the deal that this is a truly great restaurant.

After this one particular delicious trip, it clearly wasn’t going to be enough. Besides, I can’t just post a restaurant review after only eating nachos when Agave’s menu is so large, can I? Well, I suppose I could, but I wouldn’t do that.

Agave Complimentary chips and salsa

Speaking of their menu, Agave is the little brother to Don Tequila in Allentown, so Agave’s menu is (happily) nearly identical. While the restaurant is smaller than Don Tequila, the food is most certainly right there on par with its’ Southern Buffalo counterpart. As a resident of North Buffalo, this makes me very happy as it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from where I live as opposed to getting on the 198 and making my way to Allentown. Don Tequila on a Friday night? Absolutely. Sunday morning? Nnnnnaaawwwwt so much.

And so it was on another Sunday when my husband said that Mexican food sounded good, and I suggested Agave, and we made our happy way to the restaurant once again. This time we showed up closer to 2:00 pm and were the only one’s in the restaurant. The bartender came around as our server and immediately got us drinks and another brought us the complimentary house-made chips and salsa. I’m glad this was my second trip, because the salsa had a particularly spicy kick that it didn’t have the first time. Regardless of the perhaps alarming rate I drank my water, Agave’s salsa is still some of the best in the city. While we sat, a few more tables trickled in a regular customer, as deemed by the bartender, picked up a to go order. Again, very good signs.

Agave Lunch #3

This time I was back in the mood for a typical Mexican entree, and so I ordered the Lunch Special #3 which includes an enchilada, Mexican rice, and beans. Since beans were already included, I went with a cheese enchilada. Our entrees came out shortly and everything was so ridiculously tasty. The enchilada wasn’t just stuffed with melted cheese, but they seemed to also use the blanco queso dip which just turned the texture into an out of this world experience. My favorite way to eat this kind of meal is to take each bite of enchilada with a dab of refried beans and some Mexican rice. That with the enchilada sauce was incredible, I can’t recommend Agave enough. The beans are excellent and the Mexican rice is full of veggies and flavor, the entire dish was just a total win.


My husband, the meat eater as always, ordered the Lunch Huevos con Chorizo which is sausage with eggs served with Mexican rice, lettuce, fresh onions and peppers, and warm tortillas. His actual plate was even larger than mine and from what I understand, it was absolutely delicious. I let him have the last half of my beans as I was certainly full by that point, and it seemed to be the missing piece. However, he didn’t even realize it was missing until he had it. Undeniably, Agave’s food is fantastic fare.

And so there you have it! If you’re looking for some delicious Mexican flavors and even some tasty drinks to go with them, go no further than Agave restaurant in the Elmwood Village. It will be your new favorite dig!

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