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Vegans and vegetarians don’t have to shy away from Allen Burger Venture as the menu is prepared for alternative eaters.

Vegetarian burgers are always tricky for me. So many restaurants cop out by throwing a frozen soy bean patty in the microwave and calling that good. That doesn’t work for me as I have a soy intolerance, so I’m hardest on restaurants that call that cuisine. Happily, that scenario doesn’t apply to Allen Burger Venture.

The Place

This location is fantastic as I’ve always loved Allentown. Located at 175 Allen Street, ABV has decent indoor seating and a great little outdoor patio. Want a beer? They have tons. Want a cocktail? I’m not disappointed with the Ruby Tuesday, layering Deep Eddy’s Grapefruit vodka, cranberry juice and soda water over ice. A little on the pricey side, but they turn out a good cocktail. But enough with the drinks, of which there are plenty–time to get to the meat of the subject.

What I ordered

It was a toss up in regards to vegetarian and vegan choices. I could have gone with the vegetarian option on the specials menu: a Spicy Black Bean Burger. If you’re into black bean burgers, it looks like fun. They’re hit or miss with me, but I always enjoy is a chick pea patty, so I went with the regular menu item, the Chick Pea Chole Burger. For pescatarians, ABV has a few fish Alternative Burger options that look delicious.

The Food

At $12.50 this vegetarian burger is served with Coriander serrano yogurt on a brioche roll and a side of fries. There was also a wonderful pesto that was served on the patty that lent a necessary tang to the whole ensemble. The house made patty was definitely a win and this particular trip was actually the second time I’ve ordered it, so that speaks to what I really think of it. The one thing I don’t care for, actually, is the brioche roll. It’s a fine roll to be sure, but there are just a lot of excess carbs in this sandwich that the brioche roll doesn’t really lend itself to. Towards the end of the sandwich, I laid open the burger and just ate the rest of the fillings and left the bun.

Normally it would be annoying that there was something on my plate I’m not keen on finishing. But this isn’t Red Robin with those crappy frozen steak house fries–this is Allen Burger Venture with fresh, delicious, Handcut Fries. All I know is I eat more fries here than I do at other burger joint. Well, aside from Five Guys (who has a nice veggie sandwich, but is literally nothing to write about, hence, not on this blog), so, let’s call the two comparable.

The Verdict

Approved! I like this place a lot and the husband loves it. Our friends enjoy ABV too, so it’s a good restaurant to agree on when we’re looking for food in Allentown. Obviously a little on the expensive side since the vegetarian burger is over $10, but the value is all there. For taste, ambience, location, PATIO, and drink choices, Allen Burger Venture has Vegetarian Buffalo’s stamp of approval.

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