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First, about me:

My name is Taylor. I’m a published author, a contributing writer, product manager, wife, friend, twenty-something, traveler, and entrepreneur. My passion: food. It’s always been food. And I wound up in the right place!

When I was 23 I moved with my husband to Buffalo, NY and I love it. I’ve been able to grow as an adult in more ways than I ever thought capable. My views have changed, my tastes have grown, my outlook has developed, and I’ve learned so much that I wouldn’t have known living in the Midwest. It’s truly a different world, and I’m so glad I’ve had these experiences.

Without a doubt, my biggest experience has been changing my lifestyle from meat-eater to vegetarian. Well, I’m actually pescetarian. While my diet is primarily lacto/ovo/plant based, I do on the rare occasion enjoy a sea creature. It’s not very often, and most people tend to think pescetarian is some Protestant religion, so, I usually just say I’m vegetarian.

Let's Go Buffalo

At first it wasn’t easy. I decided to go pescetarian in Buffalo, NY? Home of the Buffalo Wing? Yeah, I did. But you know, once I got a hang of the restaurants, it was actually an incredibly easy switch. Buffalo is a culinary gold mine and there are countless places that offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dining as part of their everyday menu. You just have to know where to look, and boy, have I done some looking.

As a kid and young adult, I loved art. Once I had to be grown up, it was hard to find the time to create, so I’ve channeled all that passion into cooking. I take recipes of all kinds and have turned them into vegetarian friendly alternatives for myself and now for you!

*Update* Since the inception of this blog, I have stepped off the pescetarian boat. As I’m getting older, the strictness of the vegetarian lifestyle hasn’t been working very well for my body type, lifestyle, and food allergies. While I’m not strict anymore, I do still maintain a primarily vegetarian diet, but now if you see me eating a chicken breast or grass-fed beef, please don’t be hurt. 🙂

Second, about Vegetarian Buffalo:

Vegetarian Buffalo is all about restaurants in the Buffalo area where you can eat vegetarian food. These Restaurant Reviews are typically one stop tests of various restaurants and I aim to be as transparent and honest as possible so you know what to expect. I also like to get images of their meals up, and on occasion there might be some that aren’t vegetarian because my husband runs much better on animal protein (I can respect that because he totally respects this vegetarian thing), but mostly I’ll try to get you an idea of what there is to offer, what the portions look like, etc.

There are also a lot of events that go on in Buffalo, but I’ve certainly shown up to a few and not enjoyed myself because the only things to eat are hot dogs and hamburgers. Now I do a little bit of digging before I commit to events, and I’m happy to share that info with you. The section What To Do in Buffalo provides you with local goings-on that will let you and your family eat in assured comfort.

And, like I mentioned, I like to tweak recipes to make them work for our alternative lifestyles.

Leave a comment, sign up for emails, and feel free to contact me. I love talking about Buffalo, I love supporting others in their own personal journey’s (it never really happens alone), and I’m a big writer, so ask away!  I’ll be here for you!

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