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Lloyd Burrito
Just imagine all that big, beany, vegetarian goodness wrapped up in that locally made burrito wrap

While Lloyd caters to taco lovers of every kind, Lloyd Taco Truck has a special place in our hearts for it’s generosity towards vegetarians and vegans.

Bean Tacos

If you see that big, beautiful, bright green food truck, pull over and prepare to be amazed!

Lloyd Taco Truck is toted as the first food truck in Buffalo, NY and may arguably be the best. Maybe. I will go out and venture to say that it is, in fact, my favorite.

My absolute fave dish at Lloyd’s is the Bean Burrito. Every time I recite my order at the side of that truck, the hipster taking it always asks if I want cheese or not, testing the waters of my dietary preferences without blatantly asking if I’m vegan or vegetarian. Every time I’ve gotten the Burrito–and it’s been several times indeed–it’s been amazing. The stewed organic black beans, rice, jack cheddar cheese, shredded fresh cabbage, chimi sauce and roja sauce all work beautifully together and the sheer size of it is of Chipotle proportions.

Fish Tacos

Sometimes, though, the burrito is just too much, and that’s when it’s appropriate to go for their name sake: Tacos. In addition to braised beef, grilled chicken, and roasted pork tacos, Lloyd’s also does Stewed Organic Black Bean Tacos, and if you’re cool with seafood, they’ll occasionally feature Crispy Fish Tacos as well. Their tacos are served open faced on 5-inch soft corn tortillas with shredded jack cheddar, finely shredded fresh cabbage, chimi sauce, roja sauce, cilantro and a lime wedge, with either 2 or 3 to an order.

You might be thinking to yourself “Cabbage? Really? How Spanish.” But don’t hate it until you try it! Lloyd Taco Truck is on to something with this. It makes for an incredible crunch when it’s cool and fresh, but even if it accidentally gets cooked in your burrito before you eat it, the integrity of the texture is still there. Plus it helps you get some nutrients cabbage offers like potassium and vitamin C, so good on Lloyd for sneaking it in there!


On the slightly less healthy side (and by ‘slightly’ I mean ‘certainly’), Lloyd’s Nacho is stupid delicious. Assuming you’re not going for the Tricked Out Nachos, which are a meal in itself, the Nacho appetizer is any picky-eaters dream. It’s seriously nothing but (all natural) white corn chips, homemade lloyd queso, and the awesome tangy roja sauce that I can’t get enough of. There’s pretty much nothing of nutritional value in this ridiculously scrumptious mess of carbs and calories, but it is tasty. I mean, this sucker is awesome.

While you can look at their website menu and check out their calendar, it’s more beneficial to follow Lloyd Taco Trucks on Facebook so you can always tell where they’re going to park for the afternoon and evening, and if it’s the weekend for Late Night. It’s also a convenient way to check out their seasonal specials such as Skinny Thai (Crispy Fried Organic Tofu , lloyd-made Thai Peanut Sauce, Pickled Veggies, Radish, Scallions, Cilantro & Lime) or Krazy Corn (grilled corn on the cob, drenched in garlic-chili butter, special sauce, cotija cheese, chili powder, & cilantro) while you’re scrolling through your news feed (and if you wanted to follow Vegetarian Buffalo on Facebook, we’d love your Like too!).

Quinoa Salad

Definitely don’t forget to read the whiteboard menu along the side of the truck, because they’re often keeping other delicious goodies in the fridge that they don’t post about online, such as “salads” and desserts. One time there was a glitch in the system (pretty certain the paper just ran out so a few orders didn’t print, but that can still be loosely defined as a glitch, yes?) and to make up for the unusually long wait time (and several others who ordered well after us getting their food first), the truckies who noticed we were hanging around made it up to the 4 of us and offered tiny little freebies. Mine was a quinoa salad made with red quinoa, red onion, chickpeas and corn, lightly dressed in a refreshing vinaigrette and topped with queso fresco. They didn’t have to do that (as a former server, I would assume it was because nobody was a jerk and complained about the wait, and not being a jerk will often be rewarded by positive reinforcement), but it was a very nice gesture on their behalf and was excellent customer service. Not only that, but I got to try this dish that I most likely wouldn’t have otherwise tried, and it is very good!

Next time you see Lloyd Taco Truck, stop in and try out some of their vegan/vegetarian fare, you’ll most certainly walk away very full and very happy.

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