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If you’re out on Transit looking for a quick and fresh bite to eat, Pita Gourmet has just the thing for you!

Pita Gourmet is pretty recognizable from the street. It’s in a little shopping center on Transit with a massive sign; you can’t miss it. It’s taken me a while to get in here, as living in North Buffalo I don’t find myself out on Transit too often, but from now on, I’m ducking into Pita Gourmet for an affordable and fresh lunch!

Veggie Pita Gourmet

The Pita Gourmet menu is straight forward: they have pita wraps or pocket pitas. I went for the Veggie Pita in a wrap and am SO glad I did. The pita wrap was warmed on a grill and then filled with fresh veggies: in my case, that included (but was not limited to) lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, and pickles. The barista slathered on a generous helping of dill sauce and plenty of crumbled feta cheese, then topped the whole thing off with Pita Gourmet’s House Greek Dressing. I really can’t properly describe the party of Greek flavors going on in my mouth–it was amazing! The veggies were crispy and fresh, the dressing and dill dip flavors had melded over the appropriate amount of time, and the pita was so warm and wonderful…It was a happy meal experience.

My husband ordered the Authentic Gyros wrap with gyro, Tzatziki sauce, lettuce and feta cheese. He said the meat was incredibly tender, as it should be, and the flavors were spot on.

The nice thing was I took these two pitas to-go and they kept well in the car. Granted, I was only traveling to an office about 3 minutes away from Pita Gourmet, but it was still good to see the food hold up and taste good. Plus they were wrapped up and nothing fell out of them; we were able to unwrap these pita and eat them easily without food falling out everywhere.

There’s really not a lot else to say about it. The inside of Pita Gourmet on Transit is not overly nice, but not bad either; the fountain drink selection is Pepsi (not cool for this Dr Pepper girl), and they have bottled drinks to go (that kind of makes up for not having Dr Pepper). Ultimately, it’s their fresh in-house food that takes the big win. Everything was delicious and for the price I’m happy to choose this local restaurant over a sandwich chain any day!

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