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Orange Cat Coffee Co

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Those of us in Buffalo aren’t afraid to trek to Lewiston for a show at Art Park, but where to eat?  Have no fear, Orange Cat Coffee Co is here.

I enjoy a good cup of coffee perhaps even slightly more than the next person, so when I saw Orange Cat Coffee Co pop up on Yelp I had to check it out. As soon as I saw they had vegan food, I got in my car and drove out there to see in person what this was all about.

It was the middle of the afternoon and while I was hungry, it wasn’t a good time to grab much to eat as I planned on making Indian Butter Cauliflower for dinner that evening. But I could most certainly justify a coffee pick-me-up and a vegan cookie.

OMG vegan cookies

I pulled up to the converted coffee house and parked in a makeshift parking lot along the street. When you get there, you’ll know what I mean.

The patio was full of people enjoying the last day of Western New York summer which I took as a very good sign. This place was staying busy! I walked into the coffee shop and stood in line for my turn. Two people worked the counter and moved quickly and efficiently to get speciality made drinks out in a timely manner. Unlike most coffee shops, Orange Cat Coffee Co didn’t just have two coffees brewed but six different coffees ready to serve! That’s ridiculous, I’ve never seen that! But man was I thankful. While I really wanted to taste their French Toast roast, I had to go for the basic Roastmaster Select. It was a blend of medium and dark roasted Columbian beans and let me tell you, it was heavenly. Smooth, perfectly brewed, absolutely ideal in every way for a sunny day with a touch of a chill in the air.

When it was my turn to ring out, the barista (baristo?) asked if I wanted anything else. “I saw on Yelp you had vegan cookies?”

“They’re all vegan,” he attested and proceeded to point them out.

“Snickerdoodle?!” I gasped, “I’ll take that!” He grinned and rang me up, and I was pleasantly surprised that the short coffee (roughly the size of a grande at Starbucks, which I had also read on Yelp) and the verging-on-large cookie was less than $3.

Orange Cat Coffee and Cookie

While it was beautiful whether outside, I wanted to just sit in the coffee house and enjoy the ambiance for a moment. It was really cute and quant, but I’m afraid to say “quant” because you might interpret that as small. Certainly the front room was a little on the cozy side, but there was a larger room in the back. Each table sat about three to four people (there were four tables in the front room and I didn’t even count in the back), along with cushion chairs where someone was lounging reading on his phone.

The walls are lined with shelves and shelves of specialty roasted coffee.  Of course there was your typical French Roast beans and Blueberry and Vanilla Caramel flavors, but also crazy random ones like Chocolate Covered Cherry, Liquid Metal, and Apple Pie and so on and so forth. I can’t even begin to describe how overwhelming the selection is. Orange Cat Coffee Co has more coffee flavors than Green Mountain Coffee Co (I’d wager). And they’re roasted there!

And the Snickerdoodle cookie, oh my gosh! My fellow vegans, it’s what you’ve been waiting for. Any meat eaters reading this, you wouldn’t even notice the egg is missing (as a vegetarian, I still consume eggs and dairy, so I know what I’m talking about, I assure you).  It was fresh, moist, and so delicious it kicks The Great American Cookie Co’s butt and I felt good eating it! I wanted to order a dozen of them to take with me, but avoided it for fear I’d eat them all…in the car.  Best to save this as a special treat when in Lewiston.

Orange Cat Coffee Co. is worth the trip to Lewiston, NY. The cookie was amazing, the coffee is out of this world, and the workers are super friendly and great people! I even struck up a conversation with one of their regular retired customers who invited me to join him at his table and told me stories about his school days back in the 1950’s. Yeah, that happened, and it was really neat!

Next time you find yourself going to Art Park, a stroll through the historic district in Lewiston, or just passing through the area, stop by Orange Cat Coffee Co and you won’t be disappointed!

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