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Just as the name indicates, In & Out Pasta will make you a delicious vegan lunch or dinner in just a few minutes.

Why do we love Subway and Chipotle? Because it’s easy, especially for vegetarians and vegans. We know going in what we can and cannot have on our food, and we don’t have to feel like a jerk because that’s how you always order at those places. And so enter the American-Italian build your own meal: In & Out Pasta on 1280 Sweet Home Rd in Amherst NY is right there with us. Across the way from University at Buffalo North, In & Out Pasta is a new eatery in the recently developed University Place and you can’t miss it.

In & Out Pasta is close to the office, so I wandered in there one day when my husband had a chance to meet me for lunch. Where there’s pasta, there’s bound to be salad, right? Right, of course there is, but how excited was I when I saw that not only did this place have both regular and wheat pasta, but also a vegan tortellini? Yeah, right? I was super excited! Forget the salad, I had to try that!

Vegan tortellini with the works

Considering the price, it was a pretty generous size of vegan tortellini. Next I was able to top it with vegetables. Possibly for the first time in my life, I loaded up on all the veggies: baby spinach, steamed broccoli, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, julienne veggies, the works. It was awesome. Of course, I skipped the meat, but went for an Ala Vodka sauce that was both gluten-free and vegetarian.

My entree was then tossed in a skillet and heated through while I paid. I ordered it as a meal so it came with a fountain drink (they had Dr Pepper, which is a huge plus in my book) and a roll. The roll looked like a typical Italian roll would, so I wasn’t exactly excited at first, which based on what I had seen so far was a mistake. I took my food and sat at a booth and took in the meal. It looked incredible and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

Sure enough, it was really tasty. I probably wouldn’t have known that it was vegan tortellini if the server hadn’t told me. The filling was the same taste and texture of cheese tortellini. My husband, who ordered cheese tortellini, was impressed with how close the two tasted. He also added meatballs to his, which he tells me was great, and who am I to disagree? I’ll take him at his word and pass it along to you. When I finally tore into my roll, I was surprised to find that it was shockingly fresh: soft, still a little warm, and topped with garlic. It was a garlic bread roll! How cool is that?

Vegan Tortellini In & Out Pasta

The meal was great and I couldn’t even finish it all. I knew we wouldn’t be able to eat the leftovers in a mannerly amount of time, so we went ahead and tossed the rest. What I thought were just two trash cans were actually one trash can and one recyclable bin for the plastic drink cups, bowls, and silverware. What?!

Obviously, I’m still surprised about this place. I can’t go on about how great In & Out Pasta is without it just beginning to sound sarcastic, but seriously folks, if you haven’t given this place a shot, because it’s definitely worth it. The restaurant is clean, the staff is friendly, they have several vegan, vegetarian, healthy, and gluten-free options, indoor and outdoor seating, and they promote recycling. The prices were absolutely reasonable for such fresh options, and about on par with what you would pay for a 2 person meal at Chipotle. I will most certainly without a doubt be hitting this place up at least once a week from here on out, if not more. I’m looking forward to branching out and trying their other 2 vegetarian sauces and then even branching out to their salad selection, which looked phenomenal. In & Out Pasta in Amherst is going to be one of your next favorite restaurants!

UPDATE: I went back for a salad which was so delicious I’ve made it the featured image. I’m not a crouton person, so for a surcharge they put cold tortellini on my salad with marinated artichoke hearts, green olives, feta cheese, white beans, and a light Italian dressing. So I literally got a pasta salad, hot garlic bread roll, and drink for about $9. It was filling yet light and super delicious. Loved it just as much the second time around!

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