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Sometimes you gotta have your breakfast food in an actual diner. Get a little taste of real, American, hometown feel food, even in the up-and-coming neighborhoods of the city at this awesome little hole in the wall, Bertha’s Diner.

Located on Hertel Avenue between Colvin and Parkside, Bertha’s Diner is an itsy, bitsy diner directly next to North Park Theater in bustling North Buffalo. It’s the quintessential diner in that it has a few stools to sit next at the counter, a handful of booths, and even less tables. They serve breakfast and lunch, closing after 3pm Mon-Sat and 1pm on Sunday. They don’t accept credit cards.

The coffee mugs are large, the glass sugar dispensers are always full, and they’ve never left me hanging for creamer. The menus are Velcro-ed to the walls and the specials are dropped off on a single menu by the server. The atmosphere is that of happy memories of years of friends gathering for coffee and good food, a grandfather bonding with a grandchild, or a regular making conversation with the cook behind the counter; a real locally-owned diner. But I have to be honest, unless you’re feeling pancakes, which by the way are massive and very tasty, they are a little thin on vegetarian items. Which is why I keep an eye out for this special:

Bertha's Diner

The Florentine Benedict is the vegetarians answer to eggs benedict. I’ve had it a few times and I will be having them again. Instead of an English muffin, a thick slice of bread hones a tomato slice, fresh cooked spinach and a poached egg. The hot food cooks the tomato slice, which, come on, is the best way to have tomato, and it’s all smothered with hot, thick, glorious Hollandaise sauce. This in itself is very filling, but it’s not all! Bertha’s home fries are served with it, cubed and lightly seasoned and crispy from the grill.

Bertha's Diner

Strict lacto-vegetarians might not be too happy with this place, and Vegans will want to avoid it, but for the rest of us, this dish is incredible! The food is treated with the respect that most cooks of Buffalo treat their food: it’s cooked perfectly, seasoned well, and if it matters, the food is very well priced. The specials run a little higher, but even then it’s nothing to bat an eye at. I love Bertha’s Diner and hope to keep serving up Americana for years to come!

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