Food Truck Tuesdays

Food Truck Tuesdays

Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square will solve your picky eater problems.

Somehow, Food Truck Tuesdays had escaped me. Not certain how this happened, but I was completely unaware this event existed until a Lloyd’s Taco craving hit me Monday afternoon. There was no Lloyd Taco Truck anywhere near me Monday, and I didn’t venture out to meet one. Tuesday had me and the hubby out and about during dinner time, and–still thinking Lloyd’s didn’t sound bad–I looked up their Facebook page to see where the trucks where. One was at Food Truck Tuesdays.

Bean Tacos

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Not knowing what it was, but assuming there were at least going to be 3 food trucks there to choose from (the hubby seemed OK with Lloyd’s, but not super excited, so I thought perhaps variety would have been kind), I suggested we go to Larkin Square since we were a few minutes away and closer than the truck on Elmwood.

Sweet mercy, I was not prepared! So let me tell you: parking is intense. The nice thing was that since most people where just stopping for the food and leaving, there was a somewhat steady stream of parking spaces coming available. The parking is free, it’s very close to the venue, and overall not a nightmare that parking could be, but I wasn’t expecting it on a Tuesday afternoon. I digress.

Once we made it to the entrance of Larkin Square security was checking IDs because there’s alcohol there! It shouldn’t be surprising, there’s fabulous local beer and wine at every Buffalo event, either sponsoring or brought in to serve, but again, I wasn’t certain what to expect, so it was a surprise to see people getting wrist bands. After a particularly boozy weekend, I wasn’t feeling the Rusty Chain that was available for purchase, but plenty of people were taking advantage of the cart serving up brewskis and wine. Even though it was Lloyd’s that brought me to this wondrous place, I felt that after driving around for my parking spot, I at least deserved to look around.

Food Truck Tuesday

And so I looked, and I’m glad I did. Instead of tacos, I joined the massive line in front of the Betty Crocksi Polish Food Truck (Buffalo’s First & Only Polish Food Truck). Betty Crocksi had a great selection of fancy pierogi and homemade sausage, so I ordered a cheese pierogi and sauerkraut pierogi, and my husband got the kielbasa on a roll and pork pierogi. I grabbed a bit of ketchup and meystard (yep, meystard) and it was awesome. Well, the ketchup was ketchup, but the meystard was like a honey-mustard blend; very tasty on the sauerkraut pierogi. While I can’t vouch for it, I understand that the sausage was particularly tasty (that’s what she said). My husband and I sat next to another couple at a picnic table who also had Betty Crocksi and heard the woman said, “Wow, that is not my mother’s Polish food!” The pierogi’s were spicier than she was used to, but I didn’t find them spicy at all–the meystard maybe a little bit. Then again, I have been putting Frank’s Hot Sauce on everything, so maybe my taste buds are a little shocked right now. Regardless of whether it was spicy or not, the four of us finished our food from Betty’s either way.

After that the hubby and I walked around for a little bit and stumbled upon Sweet Hearth mobile bakery and got a fantastically rich but not overly sweet strawberry shortcake cake with layered cake, creamcheese icing, fresh strawberries, and topped with a nice whipped cream and just sat and enjoyed the live music that was playing.

The place was packed with people, but not to the point that you couldn’t find a place to sit or stand. Larkin Square is pretty open with a lot of places to sit down, so it’s not unmanageable, and it’s definitely kid friendly. While we only stopped at 2 food trucks, there were about a dozen trucks, carts, and tents serving up awesome homemade food, and I’m already looking forward to going back.

It’s free to attend, free to park, be certain to have your ID ready if you want to drink, and bring plenty of cash. Everyone can get what they want and there’s plenty to choose from!

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