Allentown Art Festival

Allen Street

It’s time to get out your walking shoes, sun screen, and wallet, because the Allentown Art Festival is June 14th, 15th and 16th.

A short and sweet post, everyone: This weekend is the the 57th Annual Allentown Art Festival in Buffalo, NY.

57th Art Festival!! So in 1958 Elvis Presley was inducted into the US Army, Pope Pius XII declares Saint Clare the patron saint of television, the first International House of Pancakes (IHOP) was opened in Los Angeles, the Jim Henson Company was founded, and the first Allentown Art Festival (then called the Buffalo Art Festival) was born. Later it was recalled by Louis Cherenzia as “the most colorful cultural event in Buffalo since the Pan-American Exposition.” (That’s true stuff, check out Wikipedia for more interesting and less trivial facts from 1958)

Allentown Art Festival

I love the Allentown Art Festival. It’s a summer tradition all Buffalonians and artists look forward to. I’ve planned family and friends to come visit when the Allentown Art Festival is happening and every time they’ve loved it. As far as the eye can see down Delaware Ave in Downtown Buffalo there are independent artists and vendors with tasty and sometimes alcoholic treats. Oftentimes you’ll see repeat artists from the year before, but fresh blood circulates through every now and then. Personally, I love that artists come back every year, as I seem to pick up a new piece each summer because it sticks in my mind from the year before. When you get to talking to the artists you learn so much about them, where they’ve been, and the pieces; it’s all such a great way to get to know the artist community, you’re going to love it.

If the art wasn’t enough (which it always is), the food draws in a crowd as well. Greasy deep fried goodies, sweet drinks and cool treats will leave you happy and looking forward to The Taste of Buffalo (July 12 & 13, 2014).

57th Allentown Art Festival

There’s not a lot to say about the Allentown Art Festival. It’s simply a ‘must’ in Western New York. A picture is worth a thousand words and you’re going to see plenty of them this weekend, so let us skip the small talk here and I’ll see you at the 57th Allentown Art Festival on Delaware Ave in Downtown Buffalo this weekend!

For a pre-game plan, check out this participants map and, if I may say so, please don’t skip my buddy Matt Daggett at tent D-203!

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