Wegmans Stir Fry

Looking for a quick and fresh lunch? Free Wi-Fi? Need to do a little shopping on your break? Then Wegmans is the place for you

Eating in a grocery store is usually frowned upon, but Wegmans is a-whole-nother story.

When we first moved to Buffalo, my husband and I were asking around for some good places to eat, and Wegmans was the first thing recommended to us. It wasn’t a terrible suggestion: Wegmans has dozens of different lunch items to choose from. There are several lunch buffet bars, the coffee shop, the sushi counter, the pizza counter, the sub shop, or the deli counter. There really is something for everyone, so if you find yourself among a lot of picky eaters, this is the place to go.

Wegmans thinks about everything. Their buffet is what you can expect from a buffet and goes for $8.49/pound. Be wary though, everything offered at Wegmans looks amazing, so it’s incredibly easy to grab from every mouth-watering selection and the next thing you know your meal is over $10. And that’s before the drink.

It’s slightly easier for vegetarians, but not by much. Wegmans is a huge help to us because they label everything as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. That way you can make smart choices while shopping the buffet. The bad news is, they label everything vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free, so you’re grabbing at more options than you might have thought available to you, and then your meal is over $10, and that’s before the drink. See? Not much better off than the meat eaters.

Take it easy, grab the small container, pace yourself, and focus on portions.

Delicious Fresh Food

I usually try to go for a salad to keep the calories and checkout scale low. Of course, sometimes the Asian bar looks so good I can’t help myself and go for some rice, noodles, and stir fried vegetables. That does rack up the price because those are denser foods, but I’ve seemed to come up with a nice balance: a bed of baby spinach topped with some marinated artichoke hearts with the marinade as a dressing, ginger-broccoli mushroom stir fry, and for a few carbs, I scoop some steamed rice over it, because I have to say, I really don’t care for their croutons. It came to just over $5 and was perfectly filling.

There are countless ways to mix and match meals at Wegmans. Since I’m usually there for the free wifi and fresh food 3 times a week (makes sense why I’m so price conscious, yes?), I’ve created dozens of different entrees that have been reasonably affordable for eating out that many times a week. If I’m particularly starving since I did P90X the night before and didn’t do a protein shake, I’ll bring all my recyclable cans with me, return them, and use the returns to bring my lunch ticket down a little bit. Since I bring Dr Pepper cans from home to work for a 2:30 pick-me-up, I just drink tap water or not have anything to drink at Wegmans for lunch, which also keeps the price under $5.

For a quick lunch, dozens of vegetarian and vegan options, and fresh, unaltered food, Wegmans is your place.

So what’s your experience at Wegmans? What are your go-to lunch items on the buffet, sushi bar, or shop counters? Let me know in the comments!

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