Tokyo Shanghai Bistro

Tokyo mixed veggies

Tokyo Shanghai Bistro serves up fresh veggie rolls and Japanese dishes on Elmwood Avenue

I’m not certain why I haven’t written about Tokyo Shanghai Bistro sooner. It was one of the first Asian restaurants I found when I moved to Buffalo and it’s been a safe place to return to again and again.

Tokyo Crab Rangoon

First off, there’s a paid parking lot behind the bistro where we can usually find a place to park. That’s the first win.

Second win: it’s almost never crowded. I love that! And I’m not certain why? I’ve never had a bad experience, and I’ve had plenty of experiences.

Third: Tokyo Shanghai has great, fresh sushi rolls. It’s my hubby’s favorite place and I know that their asparagus rolls and cucumber and avocado rolls are going to be fresh and filling. I LOVE the Futo Maki rolls to no end–they’re made with pickled veggies which might sound weird, but the sushi rice is seasoned with sugar and vinegar anyways, so it totally works. Also, and I’m not exactly certain if it’s still going on, so double check me here, but they have half off sushi happy hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you just can’t go wrong with that.

Tokyo Bistro Fried Rice

We’ve tried a few of the appetizers and will typically land on the crab rangoon for a guilty indulgence. I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re Buffalo’s best — I’ve already discovered Buffalo’s Best Crab Rangoon — but they never disappoint.

I’ve branched out and tried lots of actual dinner entree dishes and I’ve enjoyed them all. From vegetable fried rice (there is SO much) to the mixed vegetables with garlic sauce, its all been amazing! The ingredients are always fresh, flavorful, and always, ALWAYS, beautiful.

Tokyo General Chicken

Even my husband’s general chicken looks gorgeous.

The service is always great, we’re sat immediately, the food comes out in good time, and it’s a little on the pricier side, but I would say the value is definitely there.

For a restaurant I visit so much, this review is shockingly short, especially for me. So just take my word for it: Tokyo Shanghai Bistro is certainly a winner for vegans and vegetarians when sushi comes into play. Check this Elmwood Village establishment out!

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