The Ice at Canalside


As a transplant from the South, I assure you, ice bikes, curling, and open ice skating at The Ice at Canalside is the coolest thing a family can do this winter!

True story, I’m originally from the Ozark area, and while it’s known to freeze occasionally, ice skating wasn’t a popular activity. It was really cool to watch on TV, yet alas, I never got to enjoy the classic movie moment of my entire family bundled up to enjoy a chilly day to ice skate. I kind of feel cheated! Don’t let that opportunity slide by with your family, and take one of these days to visit the massive outdoor ice rink, The Ice at Canalside.

Open Ice Skating


  • Ages 13 and over: $5
  • Ages 6-12: $3
  • Ages 5 and under: Free

The outdoor ice rink has multiple hours of operation which you can find on This place is massive, so there is plenty of room for you and anyone you bring. Use your own skates or rent them at The Ice for $3 (sizes range from a child 9 to an adult 13). Need to sharpen your own skates? Skate sharpening is available for $4, and if you need a locker for your family’s odds and ends, there’s a first come first serve locker rental available.
(Source Image: Canalside Buffalo Events)


  • Cost: $15 per person for one hour (min. four people, max 10 people)
  • Includes: Instructor and all the equipment you will need (stones, grippers & sliders, brushes)

Whenever The Ice is open for skating, two curling lanes are available to reserve for parties to come and do some Olympic style curling! Walk ups will be accommodated based on availability, so to ensure a curling experience, call 716-574-1537 for reservations. Other times and days may be available for reservations too, so you can call to see if arrangements can be made.

Ice Bikes


  • Rental Rate: $10 per person for 30 minutes (plus tax)

Be part of the exclusive movement happening only in Buffalo*!  These ice bikes are built right here in the Buffalo area and only available to ride on at The Ice at Canalside! A division of Water Bikes of Buffalo, an ice bike is a stable cycling unit built similarly to a traditional bike, but instead of a front tire, it has an ice blade. The back tire allows you to pedal across the ice like you would a normal bike, but the experience is entirely unique. Hop on and make certain someone is there to take your picture for you to post on your social media channel of choice!

(Source Image: The Boston Globe)

*Well, for the United States; this has apparently been a thing in China, too.

Which activity will you choose? Actually, forget choosing, The Ice at Canalside is open until March 27th, so come back and try them all!

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