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Tucked away in a shopping center on Hertel and Delaware is Taste Good Chinese Restaurant, and every vegetarian should be ordering take-out from here alone!

That’s a pretty hefty claim, I know, but I wouldn’t make it if I didn’t believe it. From the outside, Taste Good Chinese Restaurant looks like every other iffy fast-service Chinese place. But rest assured, it’s not…to an extent. I mean, it’s still cheap Chinese food, it’s just the best cheap Chinese food.

Taste Good Veg Seasme Chicken

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had one of those days were we just couldn’t. Completely out of character, we didn’t want to cook, we didn’t want to leave the house, we just didn’t want to do anything besides sit in front of the TV and make some use of that Netflix account we’re paying for. I got on Yelp and filtered for ‘delivery’ because I was in no mood for our go-to pizza. Taste Good showed up. I remembered seeing they were actually a drill-down option for Buffalo on a national vegetarian site, but there was no other information. I checked out what their menu had to offer. They did have vegetarian options, and a lot of them! Aside from typical stir fry vegetables dishes and entrees with vegetables, they also had Vegetarian Sesame or General Tso’s Chicken and Vegetarian Beef with Broccoli, just to name a few. I couldn’t believe it! I thought the only Asian place in Buffalo that served faux meat was China Max! Excited for some seitan, I ordered myself the Vegetarian Sesame Chicken and my husband placed an order for Sweet and Sour Chicken with an egg drop soup, and we got a side of crab rangoon to go with all of this.

In about the amount of time I was told it would take to be delivered, I got a call on my cell phone that the delivery had pulled up. I met the driver, paid and tipped him, brought the food and to-go menu in, and we spread it out in front of our show.

Taste Mixed Chinese Vegetables

The Vegetarian Sesame Chicken wasn’t exactly what I expected, but I was incredibly happy with it nonetheless. It definitely ebbed on the sweet side, but the flavor was different than I’m used to. It was still amazing and there were fresh veggies thrown into the mix. The seitan was fried perfectly, they prepared it even better than China Max! And the crab rangoon? Best crab rangoon in Buffalo. Done. The search is over. Pack it up, we’re going home–they were amazing. The cream cheese mixture stays creamy instead of drying out like so many places serve it. They are so bad, but oh-so-good.

My husband was very pleased with his egg drop soup. The Sweet and Sour Chicken was comparable to just about any other cheap Chinese place, but the fried rice was a big win for him as it was made with little crispy cubes of fatty pork.

Clearly, there were enough leftovers that we ate well the next day too. I made a vegetable stir fry with the leftover steamed rice and sauce I had, filled out with some fresh vegetables I cut up from the fridge.

Taste Vegetable Dumplings

This amazing delivery warranted another one. About a week later we ordered for delivery and this time I went for the Chinese Mixed Vegetables lunch special. Also, I had seen they had steamed vegetable dumplings, so I placed an order for that. I forget what my husband had, but he had no complaints whatever it was. I wouldn’t have either, except when I got my meal, it was served with fried rice, complete with those little pork pieces. Wah-wah-wahhh.

It’s not their fault; it was a lunch special and not actually marked vegetarian, so I should have specified I wanted steamed rice (because their steamed rice is absolutely amazing; not dry like other places, but very fresh). Regardless, my husband was happy to save the rice with his leftovers for later. This all worked out fine, because the Steamed Vegetable Dumplings came in a serving as 8 and were much more satisfying than I expected. They were filled with savory vegetables, and the dipping sauce was wonderful (in tiny amounts; soy doesn’t really settle with me, so I have to be very limited in what I’ll consume, but it worked out excellent for this situation).

I can’t believe how good Taste Good is! How are they so good? You should definitely patron this Chinese Restaurant in North Buffalo, because it’s shockingly tasty. If I had any inkling that this Chinese food was this good…well, I’d probably have been eating way more Chinese food these past 2 years I’ve lived in North Buffalo. If you’re vegetarian and appreciate well-fried seitan, this is your place. It’s certainly mine!

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