Saigon Bangkok

Saigon Bangkok

Vietnamese and Thai food are incredibly attractive to vegetarians. Whether the dishes are raw or cooked, I’ve never been disappointed at Saigon Bangkok regardless of which location I’ve dined.

Almost naturally, I began my love affair with Saigon Bangkok by trying their Pad Thai. I’ve loved it from the moment I tried it! I’ve had it dine-in at the Transit location and ordered it to go several times at the Niagara Falls Boulevard location and each time it’s been amazing. The Vegan Pad Thai is made with stir fried rice noodles, tofu, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers (I have those left out as the oils from bells tend to give me migraines), bean sprouts, green onion, ground peanuts, garlic, and stir-fried in vegan pad thai sauce. It’s cooked perfectly, it’s filling, and oh so tasty.

Tom Yum Soup

I will say the longer you wait to eat it for the to-go orders, the zucchini tends to pickle, but that’s user error and not at the fault of the restaurants. I’m always happy to go back to them for my ultimate comfort dish.

While I love Pad Thai to no end, I’m also a big soup person. Back in my serving days, the restaurant I worked at had an incredibly spicy and flavorful Tom Yum Soup that was made with a tomato base. On a whim I tried Saigon Bangkok’s Tom Yum Soup at the NFB location and that version sky rocketed to my favorite soup of all time. It’s spicy yet sweet; bold yet sophisticated. It’s loaded with mushrooms and since I’m pescetarian I take it with shrimp as well. Every time I dine-in, every time I get carry out, I have to get this soup. I could live on Saigon Bangkok’s Tom Yum Soup. It’s just…agh, I could really take a bowl of that soup right now.

Panang Curry

But just to add a little variety, I’ve spread my wings and tried some of their other dishes too. My favorite dish sans noodles is undoubtedly the Panang Curry. Saigon Bangkok’s panang curry paste is made with chilies, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, kaffir, galangal, turmeric, cumin, and bay leaves thinned in coconut milk and cooked with tofu, basil, and mixed vegetables, served with steamed rice. Holy moly, forget about it; if you’re looking for a curry dish to try for the first time, panang is the one! The spices give it amazing flavor without being spicy, the vegetables are fresh, and the steamed rice helps cut whatever strong notes there might be. It’s brilliant and I love it!

I can’t stop there. Every appetizer I’ve ever had at either place has been great, the sauces are wonderful, and overall, I’m a fan. Several of their dishes have certainly been Americanized, but they still hold those delicious Asian flavors that I find immense pleasure in.

Lunch Portion Panang Curry

Since the NFB location is the one I frequent most and therefore have the most experience with, I will say the service time does take a while. I’m never in and out of there very fast, hence I’ve had several to-go experiences which have been completely perfect. When dining in, the NFB restaurant is clean, classy, the water is flavored with citrus, and the presentation is beautiful. Overall, it’s one of my favorite restaurants and they’ll always be seeing plenty of me, and hopefully you too!

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Saigon Bangkok on Urbanspoon

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