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Familiar Chinese dishes and Vietnamese classics, Red Pepper Chinese-Vietnamese Restaurant will deliver a tasty experience.

It all began with a craving for steamed dumplings. I’ll spoil the story: Red Pepper doesn’t have vegetarian dumplings, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have anything else I wouldn’t enjoy!

The hubby and I had a rare mid-week opportunity to have lunch together, so since I wanted steamed dumplings so bad, he let me choose the place. After going through my bookmarked restaurants on Yelp and searching menus for ‘dumplings’ I settled on Red Pepper Chinese-Vietnamese.

Red Pepper tea

We got there just around noon, which was slightly after they opened for lunch (11:30 Tuesday-Friday, 12 Saturday-Sunday). There were already 2 tables sat and eating, so we were sat immediately and were served hot tea and crispies with duck sauce to snack on.

I had read reviews that the servers come over a little too quickly, and might feel like they’re hassling you. I agree they came over quickly, but I would never describe them as hassling. Each one was friendly, polite, and, quite frankly, was incredibly efficient to get people in and out at a sit down restaurant within a 1 hour lunch break–driving time included. I really wish I knew that when I was working a stone’s throw away at the nearby business park, because this would have been the perfect place for lunch!

Pho accoutrements


Like I mentioned before, the dumplings are not vegetarian. Which was fine, because at this point I had stumbled upon their Veggie Pho on their restaurant menu (their online menu doesn’t exactly match up with their restaurant one), which was vegetarian, and ordered that with no hesitation. My husband went for the lunch special of General Tso’s Chicken.

Our food came out in record time at the perfect temperature. It made my husband think perhaps the kitchen already has everything lined out in a buffet style, and they dish an order into a wok for a quick warm up so everything comes out so quickly and hot, and if that’s the case, someone give these guys a medal, because that’s brilliant. If you’re starving and want a lot to eat at a good price, Red Pepper is the place to go.

Red Pepper Veggie Pho

Speaking of starving, my Veggie Pho was massive. There was no way I could have eaten that amazing medley of freshly boiled veggies, soft pho noodles, and slurped up that incredible, incredible broth in a lunch break, regardless of how hungry I was. Their pho was so good, and ultimately I’m just really happy that it’s vegetarian. From personal experience, it’s kind of hard to find at Pho places.

My husband was pretty happy with his chicken. It was served with rice and the portion was very decent. We both had leftovers once we hit our full point.

By the time we paid our bill, the restaurant was filled to only one large table left empty. The place was packed and people were getting their orders just minutes after placing them. This place is a Millennial’s heaven! We hate waiting on things, and it’s like Red Pepper just gets that!

I’ll be back. My husband will be back. Everyone will clearly be back. If you haven’t been to Red Pepper yet, they certainly cater to vegetarians and vegans with tofu and vegetable options. They don’t have vegetable dumplings (which is regrettable because there’s a Yelp review picture that shows they did have them as of April 2013), but all is forgiven because everything else was out of this world!

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