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Pizza Plant is Williamsville’s go to destination for vegan pods, pizza, chili and more.

One of the first vegetarian places I discovered in the Buffalo area (although not actually in Buffalo) where I could get really good vegetarian food was Pizza Plant. This fabulous pizza place comes complete with an outdoor patio at 7770 Transit Road, Williamsville, NY 14221.

Pizza Plant has been in the Buffalo region for some 33 years. What’s fantastic is they specialize in vegan and gluten-free fare.

This can’t be appreciated enough. In a city well known for our pizza and wings, it’s shockingly difficult to find tasty and vegetarian pizzas (they’re out there for certain, but the good ones are harder to find: stay tuned here at Vegetarian Buffalo to discover them) and Pizza Plant gives us that vegetarian variety fix.

Pizza Plant Pod

First and foremost, I suggest trying out Pizza Plant’s Pods. A pod, which is a super sophisticated calzone type creation, comes in twenty three variations, seven of which are vegetarian. Now, these pods are large. Very large. The best time to eat one of these beauties is before or after a 1000 calorie burning workout or splitting it with someone. I’ve split the Plato Pod, a tasty filling of ricotta and feta cheese with spinach, black olives & red onion in a greek marinade, with a co-worker on a few occasions and we both walk away feeling full. It’s so good that it’s hard to branch out, but I’ve also enjoyed the Amy Pod and the leftovers reheat well, much to my delight. It’s just really tasty, carby goodness.

Their salads are huge and possibly even too much for a casual lunch, and their selection of dressings is great. If you’re craving their dough you can order the salads in a bread bowl, but I myself have never ever needed that many carbs, even on my most intense work out day.

(I say that, but I will polish off a medium thin crust pizza at Pizza Hut almost by myself. I’m terrible. I digress.)

Eggplant Parm Baby Stuffed Pizza

Speaking of pizza, Pizza Plant has incredible, super tasty pizza, as their name may imply, it is their specialty. I’m a big fan of the Speciality Stuffed Baby servings so I can get exactly what I want in a manageable form without having to split something half and half with meat eaters. This way I’ve been able to get straight up vegetarian pizza, such as this Eggplant Parm Baby Stuffed Pizza. There are a few other vegetarian options in the Stuffed selections and the Flat Pizzas are excellent, especially if you’re looking to cut back on some of those carbs without cutting them out. There are even more vegetarian options in the Flat Pizza portion of the menu, so browse away!

I haven’t even worked through all the options Pizza Plant’s massive menu has to offer, but if I keep going, this is just going to get too long before I even mention their Gluten Free Menu, so let’s jump into that. While not everything is gluten free, just mention to your server that you’re looking to cut out the gluten and they’ll set you up with Pizza Plant’s Gluten Free Menu. It includes chicken fingers, pizza, gluten-free pasta, and burgers. Yeah, a little crazy and definitely not vegetarian, but at least your gluten free friends can join you merely on your dining excursion. Also, have them check with your server because some of the toppings do contain gluten.

(UPDATE 11/11/14: I did not specify, but Pizza Plant’s gluten free menu is only available on Wednesday nights currently. So mark your calendar for some gluten free nights out: that’s Wednesday nights only (right now, I’ll keep you updated if that changes!).)

Johnnie Ryan Soda

Speaking of Gluten Free, Pizza Plant has a massive beer list that includes a few options of gluten free beer. The list tends to be somewhat seasonal, so just about anytime I’m in there for an evening to unwind, I ask what’s on tap and get the list. Seriously, props to the server that can rattle off their entire beer selection, it’s crazy long and definitely decent, to put lightly. Pizza Plant also tends to hold events around celebrating craft brew and beer fests, so if you follow them on Facebook you can check out their beer buses, events, and live music as they come up.

If you’re of the soda pop fandom, you’ll enjoy this: Pizza Plant exclusive sells Johnnie Ryan Sugar Cane Soda. I’m a strict Dr Pepper snob and how dare anyone try to pass of Mr Pibb on me, but Johnnie Ryan’s Pepper soda is actually quite enjoyable. I don’t hate it, and that’s saying something.

When you find yourself in Williamsville on a shopping day or with kids in tow, pull into Pizza Plant for a perfectly enjoyable dinner in a casual atmosphere. The food is fantastic, the drinks are cold, and the location is easy to get to!

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