Natalie’s Mediterranean Eatery

I’d heard of Natalie’s Mediterranean Eatery through word-of-mouth, and no wonder: it’s too good not to be talking about!

Vegetable Kibby

Natalie’s Mediterranean Eatery on 807 Millersport Hwy in Amherst, NY isn’t too far from where I work during the day, so I placed a to-go order during lunch as I looked through The place had a 94% rating which is, of course, outstanding as even some of the top places in Buffalo hover in the 80% range (we’re food snobs, through and through).

Natalie's Eatery
And That’s Only Half!

I checked out Natalie’s Eatery online menu and found a Vegetarian Kibby, made with potatoes instead of beef, cracked wheat, pickles, lettuce, tomato, feta cheese and Greek dressing. I make a mean potato and kasha knish, so I thought I’d give the potato and cracked wheat a go. They said it would be 10 minutes and when I got there (albeit 20 minutes later, something always pops up at work when you’re trying to leave, am I right?) it was ready and I paid with debit card.

The place is old but clean with several tables. There’s a large display case at the counter that had pre-made dips, meats, and lots of other stuff. I didn’t get a good look at it since I didn’t stand around for long, but it had the appearance of the quintessential deli.

The wrap was excellent. It was much longer length wise and thinner width wise than I expect from a wrap, but this was perfect. So often people, such as myself, shame ourselves sloppily eating massive wraps and dripping food bits everywhere, but this you can eat properly and not embarrass yourself. The wrap was a warned fresh pita wrap, perfectly folded so nothing fell out. It even held the dressing until the very end. The ingredients were fresh and melded well, the mixture wasn’t too dry, and with everything tightly wrapped up in a pita wrap, it was a surprisingly large amount of food for what I expected. No need for chips here, the portion was perfect if not even a bit too much.

Based on this Vegetarian Kibby and the menu selection online, I’ll be going back.


Megaderra Wrap

And go back I did!

I tried another vegetarian dish, the Megaderra Wrap, made with lentils, rice, lettuce and tomatoes in wrap served with a side of hot sauce, and it was incredible!  I love lentils and make them on a regular basis, so I’m pretty picky about how they’re prepared, and Natalie’s did a superb job! While I often have my leftover lentils and rice in burrito wraps for lunch, I’ve never considered making a wrap out of it with lettuce and tomato, but the fresh addition totally pairs amazing. It was crunchy, fresh, and delicious. I almost made it through have the megaderra wrap before even remembering to add hot sauce.

Hummus Appetizer

My husband joined me for this outing, and since he wasn’t particularly hungry, he ordered an appetizer of hummus. It was creamy and smooth served with plenty of pita pieces (which is always a concern, is it not?). The hummus tasted distinctly of lemon without being overpowering; it was really wonderful.

Now that I have my husband’s vote of confidence for this well known vegan establishment, I believe Natalie’s can expect to be seeing the both of us a lot more!

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