Local Restaurant Week Spring 2015

Think Social – Eat Local! The time has come again to take advantage of Local Restaurant Week: March 9th through 15th

Happy days! Local Restaurant Week Spring 2015 is here and the restaurant specials are back!

LRW Spring 2015 Logo Date & Tagline

If you’re unfamiliar with Local Restaurant Week, no worries, Vegetarian Buffalo has covered Local Restaurant Week before. Follow that link and you can read reviews of restaurants I tried during past LRWs.

Local Restaurant Week is a great time to take advantage of restaurants you’ve wanted to try but haven’t been confident to branch out. Well, roll up your sleeves and tuck in your napkin, because this is the time to do it!

LRW’s website has a list of participating restaurants which will continue to grow until the week of the event. You can search restaurants by neighborhood or by meal time (lunch, dinner, or both) and click on the restaurant to see the details. Each restaurant should give you the LRW specials or have a link to their menu PDF. That’s the best way to discover which places will certainly offer a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free option. I’ve been using it for years and it’s been a meal saver!

If you haven’t subscribed to Vegetarian Buffalo, be certain you do so you can get all the restaurant reviews that we’ll be doing throughout Local Restaurant Week!

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