Local Restaurant Week Fall 2014

Local Restaurant Week Fall 2014

It’s that magical time again when independently owned restaurants in the Western New York area team together to promote local food!

Local Restaurant Week is something everyone looks forward to. Over 150 restaurants participate in this event to serve lunch, dinner, or both, hovering somewhere around the featured price of $20.14.

$20.14 could either be the price of a lunch or dinner for one such as at Black and Blue Steak and Crab, or it could cover lunch for two at places like Cecelia’s Ristorante & Martini Bar, or if you’re really dedicated you can find a restaurant like Soho Burger Bar with the featured price of $20.14 for a dinner for two (they have a “veggie burger”).

Whether your pescetarian, vegetarian, or vegan, this event will cater to you in some shape or form. It must be admitted, you’ll need to do some homework as to where you can eat. The list of Participating Restaurants is a great start, and now you can filter by neighborhood and meal time. Unlike the first few times Local Restaurant Week premiered where there were only a handful of restaurants offering select dishes, now there’s a massive list of different dining locations to choose from, so the pickin’s should be plenty and it’s easier to find a meatless meal.

Where are we eating for Local Restaurant Week?

Traditionally, this is a fantastic time to try steak houses you wouldn’t normally dine at (again, do some homework; being a steak house they’re very likely to only offer steak or salmon for the LRW price). Likewise, the staff also knows what you’re doing, so it doesn’t hurt to order drinks and maybe an appetizer if it’s not included in the meal. Then the server knows you’re taking the experience seriously and they’ll tend to treat you better, understanding you’re also increasing their tip. My husband and I did this at Buffalo Chophouse and received excellent service, so an excellent tip followed.

Local Restaurant Week Western NY

This won’t always work, though. Once during restaurant week my husband and I went to Rizotto Ristorante and were treated so horribly we left a 13% tip. Our server, who was an older woman, patronized us miserably and even brought us the wrong things. We didn’t complain. Since we’ll never be back it didn’t seem to matter, but never before have I wanted to leave a note explaining why she didn’t get the usual 20% we often leave regardless of the bill size. I suppose this post will have to do instead, hum? So you’ll find those people sometimes, and if so, just don’t return to give them your hard earned money.

Otherwise I’ve had great experiences at all sorts of participating restaurants. I’ve discovered places my husband and I really like and have returned when it’s not restaurant week, and we’ve discovered places we’re really not interested in returning to, but at least the price was reasonable. Above all, October 20-26th (that’s a Monday through the following Sunday) is the best time in Buffalo and the surrounding areas to branch out, try something new, and enjoy what locally owned restaurants have to offer!

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