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Lloyd Tacos find a permanent home on Hertel and the neighborhood is oh-so-happy.

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Alright, it’s me who is oh-so-happy, but Hertel is my neighborhood, so I’m not technically wrong. I went to the soft opening of Lloyd Taco Factory at 1503 Hertel Ave at around 11 pm on a Saturday night (which might make you realize this review is coming a bit late, but the old adage of “no news is good news” applies), and let me say, the experience was wonderful.

First off, the actual establishment itself is awesome. It’s really fun and feels like Buffalo. It’s kinda industrial, kind of urban, kind of minimalistic and kind of eclectic. You’ll understand exactly what that means when you see it. It’s sort of like Chipotle meets an Allentown bar; it’s pretty unique. The layout works really well with plenty of seating and moving around room, but I wouldn’t bring a group larger than four here. It’s not really an “outing” place to meet up with a lot of people, it’s more of a spot for a small group to grab tacos or drinks. It’s a perfect spot for dates or double dates or stopping in after shopping or what have you.

Speaking of tacos and drinks, that’s the real beauty of this place. ‘Taco Factory’ isn’t just a playful restaurant name, this is actually the location where they make their burrito and taco shells. In case you didn’t know, Lloyd’s owners Chef Chris Dorsaneo and Pete Cimino have actually perfected the recipe for vegetarian burrito wraps. Rather than using lard like most places, Chris has altered the recipe to use palm oil for the binding fat. He handed me a burrito shell fresh off the press and it was delicious and the texture was perfect; you wouldn’t know it was vegetarian if I hadn’t told you. They’re pretty proud of it too, as they should be. As always, the ingredients are fresh and the food delicious. I couldn’t complain about the wait time to get my order (a Stewed Local Black Bean Taco, Reg Nach, and Grilled Chicken Burrito), and as far as soft openings go, I’d say we got the food in record time.

Following the order counter is a full bar that runs the length of the far wall. They have several beers and cocktails, and Pete made up a Whiskey Negroni that complimented the hubby’s chicken burrito perfectly, or so I’m told. The sound system in Lloyd Taco Factory is great, and they even have a well placed projector that doesn’t detract from the ambiance like some other places in Buffalo.

As if I didn’t adore Lloyd enough with their 4 taco trucks and incredible food, I’m a fanatic now. Make the Taco Factory a priority on your list of restaurants to try. I can see this becoming a fast neighborhood favorite. At the very least it’s going to be mine!


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