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Vegetarian Al Trio

La Tolteca probably has the best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten, and I’m from the Midwest.

Well, alright, I’ve definitely been more accustomed to “Tex-Mex” which is most certainly not Mexican food, but whatever La Tolteca technically is, it’s way better than anything I’ve been eating so far.

First walking in to La Tolteca on 7530 Transit Rd in Buffalo, NY on a weeknight, we were sat quickly and brought the expected basket of tortilla chips and cup of salsa. The salsa was house-fresh with great, strong flavors of cilantro, garlic, and onion, but me and my husband went ahead and ordered the Queso Blanco dip too. Absolutely no regrets: that cheese sauce is ridiculously tasty. There has been a time or two that the hubby and I ordered Bola Chile Dip (bean dip, queso, and enchilada sauce) and just made a meal out of that, but that’s not an exciting enough review. So let’s continue:

Chips and Blanco Queso Dip

I’ve eaten at La Tolteca literally more times than I can count. Mostly because they have some of the largest vegetarian options I’ve ever seen on a menu. From Spinach Enchiladas to Veggie Simpatia, this place has a wide variety of fresh and flavorful items for any vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian (there is a massive seafood selection and so far so good). However, my personal favorite and what I usually wind up with is the Vegetarian Al Trio: a cheese enchilada, one bean burrito, and chalupa. Oh yeah. Basically: amazing! Just look at those pictures, they’re worth so many more words than I can fit into a review.

La Tolteca

Let’s be honest, though. On a weekend night, as early as maybe 6:00 pm, you can expect to wait an hour to be seated. While there is a well stocked bar, La Tolteca itself is not really laid out as “wait friendly”, so it can get a little crowded, and they don’t take reservations. The wait staff: hit and miss. Some servers are super friendly, on the ball, and are really enjoyable to interact with, and some are absolutely…opposite. But I’ve worked in restaurants myself, so I get it. I also get that you can improve yourself and the tips are remarkably better, but I digress. The occasional poor server isn’t enough to keep me away for more than 3, maybe 4 weeks at most. The food is the real star. I love it and can’t get enough, even if it is only the Bola Chile Dip and the vegetarian Tortilla Soup, which that alone is enough to fill a person up. La Tolteca knows how to get me back in the booth every time.

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