Gramma Mora’s

Gramma Mora's

Gramma Mora’s has been the stuff of Buffalo legend…so what happened?

Sorry readers, no image of Gramma Mora’s Frijoles and Cheese Burrito Ranchero Style, or the Huevos Con Chorizo, or even a snap shot of the Chile Con Queso. It all looked so good that my husband and I dug right in and I didn’t even remember to take a photo!

We called in an order to Gramma Mora’s, located at 1465 Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo, and even though my husband picked it up around the time it was supposed be ready, he still had to wait a bit. No biggie, it was a Friday night, what can you expect? However the check did come to a little more than he was expecting.

When he got home with the food, it turned out my Frijoles and Cheese Burrito was, in fact, just the burrito as we ordered it, but his Huevos Con Chorizo was made as a dinner portion. That would explain the price discrepancy. The cheese dip was cold, so I put it in the microwave to warm up, which was fine, whatever. Everything looked incredible, it was getting late, and we were starving, so we really couldn’t care less.

The food tasted fine. The beans aren’t like refried beans you’ll get anywhere else, they’re actually whole cooked beans mixed into a little bit of mashed beans. It’s OK. We like our beans as a smooth consistency, but that’s just us.

Even though I knew I was getting onions in my burrito, I wish I asked to have them left out. I was hoping that maybe the onions would be slightly cooked through the heat of the burrito, but no luck. The raw onions made for a really sharp flavor, so I quit eating the burrito filling and moved on to my husband’s rice portion of his meal he didn’t want.

The rice was definitely alright: no veggies, only spicy, flavored rice that went surprisingly well with the red chile sauce and chile con queso dip; so no complaints there.

Overall, nothing was really that outstanding. In fact, I remembered the queso being better than it was last night.

A little back story here: when my husband and I moved to the North Buffalo neighborhood, we had been told by dozens of co-workers and acquaintances that we had to try Gramma Mora’s. Gramma Mora’s had the best Mexican food in Buffalo; we would love it. It probably should have been a red flag that all these recommenders had moved into the ‘burbs anywhere between 10-15 years ago.

I think they were reminiscing about the Gramma Mora’s on Niagara Street. Every restaurant can have an off night, so even though the hubby and I weren’t wowed by Gramma Mora’s, we’ve eaten there once and had take-out a few times.

Almost as if to validate my suspicions, later last night we went over to a gathering at a neighbors house. When offered food, we mentioned we had just eaten Gramma Mora’s Mexican, and I mentioned that it didn’t taste as good as I remembered. There was a resounding “ooohhh” that came from everyone. Apparently one person hadn’t been there in eight years, a few more shook their heads, and the final person bluntly shared in–admittedly–hilarious detail just exactly how well Gramma Mora’s settled on his stomach last time he ate there, but it was not something that is repeated in polite company, so…moving on.

All in all, I want to like Gramma Mora’s because it’s so close to my house, but honestly, I can’t. It’s just not as good as some other Mexican Restaurants.

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