Geek Day 5K

Geek Day 5K 2015

We all “geek out” about something, so it only seems natural to want to participate in the Geek Day 5K virtual run!

For some reason I’m just hearing about this now?! And so I’m passing it along to you, fellow readers.

May 25th, 1977 was the official release of Star Wars: A New Hope. That day has gone down in history in the commemorative form of Geek Day. In recent years, I’ve started geeking out over not just vegetarian food, but running.

Hear me out: in case the Doctor ever shows up, what is he going to tell me to do? Run. Guys, I can’t NOT be ready for that. And neither can you. And so I got my asthmatic butt into gear, joined the No Boundaries 5K training program held through our local Fleet Feet here in Buffalo and have genuinely learned how to run properly, how to run an actual 5K instead of just past that second lamp post up there, control my asthma, and actually achieve that ‘runners high’ you hear so much about.

While a combination of school and work got in the way, my running has suffered, but it’s easy to get back in the saddle, and there’s no better way to get back in the running game than this virtual Geek Day 5K! You register at this Geek Day 5K link and then schedule your 5K on your own time. That’s it! I’m doing mine this Sunday, I believe. It’s not going to actually be on the 25th, but Mondays aren’t the best time for me to run a 5K. Sundays are great for it though! Blessed are the Virtual Runs, for they allow us to be flexible.

Registration gets you a medal (score!) and pays for shipping. $5 of your registration fee will also go towards Pencils of Promise, an organization that believes every child should have access to a quality eduction.

Because I happen to be in the know, I suggest you first follow this Yelp link, and perhaps you’ll find a little coupon goodie there to get a discount on your registration! Don’t forget to RSVP on the Yelp page if you’re in to show Moon Joggers (the group hosting the event) that partnering up with Yelp was a good move!

Registration closes May 31st, so get in now! I’m already registered.

May the force and ice packs be with you!

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