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Gabriel’s Gate is a long held establishment in Allentown as a pinnacle dive in Buffalo, but how does it hold up for vegetarians?

I’ve heard about Gabriel’s Gate for a long time. When me and some friends wanted a place to sit and talk business, we ran through a list of Allentown restaurants where we could eat, drink, and be serious, and someone voiced that this place wasn’t too loud and we could hear each other talk across a booth without raising our voices.

We got to Gabriel’s around 6 and were sat immediately. Our server Kat was incredibly friendly, got our drinks going right away, and told us the specials. My husband and I ordered off the specials menu and our friend got a chicken sandwich off the menu.

The decor is awesome; it has the essential Allentown ambience with stuffed animal heads (which I’m not into, but I bend to the past thought-process of another time gone by, and there’s no sense in adding a 75 year old Bison head to the trash heap when it probably died so indignantly in the first place), exposed brick, dark wood rafters, benches, and carved paneling. Gabriel’s Gate is really a great environment to sit with friends or dates and have conversations over food and drinks, so the small group I was a part of did get a lot of work done in that easy atmosphere.

Gabriel's Gate Mushroom Ravioli


The food was pretty tasty. I ordered a Mushroom Ravioli Marsala. It included an appetizer, so I opted for the side salad with Italian dressing and loved it, and the entree itself was a great size and very rich. I certainly enjoyed it as a special, but I wouldn’t order it again if it was on the menu. My husband got a steak with an appetizer of their house soup, which looked like French Onion; I wasn’t really paying attention when he placed the order. He finished the soup entirely and enjoyed his steak which was cooked medium. The veggies that came with it were, as he put it, just shown to the boiling water before being plated, but as he likes his veggies crispy, that wasn’t too much of a problem. There were certainly plenty of veggies too, as it was a medley of squashes, snap peas, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms. It also had a baked potato that was served with sour cream and a pat of butter. Our friend’s chicken sandwich came with melted cheese and bacon, and served with potato chips. He didn’t quite finish the sandwich and asked “How do you mess up chicken and bacon?”

Overall, it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the best food in Buffalo either. As far as vegetarian options go, I actually have to suggest perhaps a vegetarian avoid it. And for vegan options? Forget about it. Even all their salads had meat on them. If you’re going there for drinks, I would certainly say absolutely, their bar is pretty well stocked with liquor and beer and it’s an enjoyable place to sit and talk and not get too loud. I’ll probably venture this establishment myself again to give one of their menu items a shot, but it will mainly be because my husband loves Buffalo wings and I do have to say Gabriel’s Gate seemed to have those down, and because it really was such a good place to sit and talk.

Much like BBQ joints and chain restaurants, keep Gabriel’s Gate tucked away for group outings where your meat eater friends will definitely enjoy it, and you will at least find something you like, but the ambiance and service will make it a great experience!

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