El Agave

El Agave

Fresh and fast Mexican food can be found in Cheektowaga thanks to El Agave

El Agave has been a few restaurants prior to it’s most recent reincarnation. The last was another Mexican restaurant, so it’s not terribly different, but I will give credit where credit is due: the bar looks amazing as well did the drinks!

Me and a few friends had been playing disc golf at Como Park, a few miles away. I’m not too often in Cheektowaga, and this was a good time to try out some hearty Mexican food.

The vegetarian selection is decent, like most Mexican restaurants. There are several combos to choose from, or you can get the enchiladas, which on this particular day, Spinach Enchiladas sounded amazing. The menu said they were stuffed with spinach and onions and topped with queso, served with a fresh salad and Mexican fried rice. Perfect!

My friends ordered the bean dip and beers, not terribly hungry since they had lunch several hours after I had eaten. I tried the dip and it was fantastic: a delicious blend of beans and queso. Even if it was too rich, a dipped chip in the salsa cut the palate and you were good to go again. So big win for El Agave’s dip!

El Agave Spinach Enchiladas

My dish came out in record time (yay!) and I was pretty happy with it’s looks. I mean, just check out that picture, it’s awesome, right?! I took a bite and was immediately disappointed. Green bell peppers. Nope. If you’ve read my reviews before, you know bell peppers give me nasty headaches. I don’t even like the taste of them. Natural defense, I suppose. The cooked peppers aroma and oils had permeated the onion and spinach mixture, so even picking them out wasn’t good. That’ just me, though. I will say, if you love green peppers, this is the place for you. They cook them well so the flavor is throughout the enchilada. It’s just not for me, and I really wish they had included that on the menu description.

While our server was friendly, he didn’t stop back by to check on the food, so I just picked them out and ate around it best I could. Mostly I left the enchiladas alone. So then I ate the salad and guac. The lettuce was fresh, which was a win, but the guac wasn’t really my thing either. The Mexican rice, which I love dearly, wasn’t really that good either. I suppose I’m just so stuck on my own Delicioso Mexican Rice recipe that I can’t enjoy it anywhere else? Although I do really enjoy the rice at Agave on Elmwood (not to be confused with this El Agave–aside from similar brands, I don’t see much else that is very much alike)…

Anyways, I wasn’t in love with the food here. I know, it’s almost a waste of a review, right? But it shouldn’t be! Just because I didn’t love it doesn’t mean the food was bad. Clearly my friends enjoyed what they ordered, the service was awesome (if lacking once I got my food), and the house made margaritas caught our attention time and time again, but as we were about to go out and play some more disc golf, they didn’t want to drink more than a beer and I didn’t want to drink alcohol period.

If you really enjoy Mexican food, I would say give this place a shot. It isn’t worth it to me to go out of my way to dine here again, but it was nice since we were in the area and the service was worth the trip. I say give it a try, see what you think, and decide for yourself.

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