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In the basement of the Hotel Lafayette in Downtown Buffalo is the top-notch restaurant and bakery Butterwood Sweet and Savory, and what a sweet and savory option they provided for Local Restaurant Week!

Local Restaurant Week has passed, but I’ll certainly be keeping Butterwood in the back of my mind for a fancy night out as they definitely blew me away with their special menu.

Wine and Bread Basket

I had to check out Butterwood Sweet and Savory this week because they specifically offered an entree titled ‘Vegetarian’ for LRW. I made a reservation for Friday night at 5:30pm and my husband and I showed up just a few minutes late–blasted downtown parking. We were sat immediately at a table ready for our reservation and our waiter came over to introduce himself and make his recommendations for the evening. I already knew what I was going to get, but it was nice to hear what he had to say because it helped my husband narrow down his options.

Typically when we go to nice restaurants during LRW, my husband and I like to order a glass of wine so we aren’t just coming in and ordering just the bare minimum. But we also like our wines to pair well with our dinner, so we asked our server what would go well with our choices. As it turned out, our server was the sommelier for Butterwood and it’s sister restaurant, so he told us exactly what he had chosen for this week’s specials. I ordered a Sauvignon Blanc to go with my first course of a Sweet and Savory salad and the Vegetarian entree, and my husband took his recommendation of a red blend from California that paired perfectly with the French Onion Short Ribs. The server poured our wines for us and delivered a bread basket filled with fresh parker roll knots, rye bread, and a Buffalo Toast. That last one–you have to try it to believe it. We loved it!

Sweet & Savory Salad

My Sweet and Savory Salad was absolutely beautiful, unique, and very flavorful with sharp fresh accents from the passionfruit vinaigrette. My husband definitely enjoyed his classic Cesar salad. Our entrees shortly followed our appetizers. My Vegetarian Entree consisted of halved and seeded zucchini and yellow squash filled with hummus, served atop a hearty mango ginger sauce and a portion of roasted root vegetables mixed with barely. It was absolutely beautiful and even more shocking, totally filling. I couldn’t finish it! The meal was so hearty, the flavors so fresh, and the simplicity of the dish was just outstanding–it’s exactly what I want from a vegetarian meal: not a typical salad or something with tofu, but whole food that is prepared with the right amount of starches, carbs, and fiber to create a filling and tasty meal.

Butterwood LRW Vegetarian Entree

My husband was equally pleased with his: the French Onion Short Ribs were, as I referred to it, scrapping the bottom of the French Onion Soup pot, but in the very best way possible! The short ribs were salty and tender, the broth was as thick as gravy with impossibly soft onions, and melted, chewy gruyere cheese topped the savory bowl of goodness. It basically was a French Onion soup with huge chunks of short rib, and the fruity sweetness of the red blend the sommelier recommended cut the richness of the entree. There was also a small side serving of fresh shredded zucchini, yellow squash, and bell peppers that helped cut the richness of the meal and brought a bright note to it.

Butterwood is definitely famous for it’s desserts, and they did look delicious displayed in their dessert case, but at this point, we were too full. But we’ll certainly be back; it was a wonderful dinner experience! I would suggest before going to Butterwood Sweet and Savory on a typical day, check Butterwoodsweetandsavory.com to view their seasonal menu, as it does switch out. It looks like they offer vegetarian and vegan options regularly, but as we tend to know, it’s always best to check beforehand! As a general rule though, I say give this place a go!

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