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West Seneca always surprises me with some really great food, and The Poked Yolk (formerly Buffalo’s Broken Yolk) has kept that tradition going!

**This review was written when The Poked Yolk was Buffalo’s Broken Yolk. And update will most likely be coming soon.

You’ve probably heard about Broken Yolk already from some of its outstanding write-ups in reviews in Step Out Buffalo, Gusto, and the gazillion pictures and raving recommendations posted on Yelp.  Those reviews definitely turned me on to this breakfast place, so a 30 minute trip out to West Seneca was warranted.

Broken Yolk Interior

My husband loves breakfast food, so it was an easy sell. Once we got to the little diner tucked into a shopping center along Transit, he had a change of breakfast heart and went for the Yolk Burger that’s topped with a fried egg, bacon, and a choice of cheese (so, basically breakfast on a hamburger patty). For his side he went with the fries.  I myself found they had a Veggie Burger that was topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayo. For my side, I forced myself to be good and went with a side salad.

The interior is nice: Buffalo’s Broken Yolk is new and clean with several tables for a lot of seating. As we got there about an hour before closing (3 pm), the place was empty and the lone server was very pleasant as we placed our order.

Broken Yolk Veggie Burger

First the Veggie Burger: It was incredible! Served on a fresh Costanzo’s Bakery roll, the veggie patty was a black bean and vegetable mixture, maintaining some of the black beans shape to give the patty some texture. While I could see some finely diced bell peppers in it, I couldn’t taste them, and better yet, I didn’t get a headache later, which bell peppers tend to do to me. #winning. The mayo was served on the side, so I was able to doctor my burger with however much (or little) I wanted. As I chowed down on the burger, the patty did lose its form and started to squish out, but it didn’t flat-out fall apart, and it was so tasty I really didn’t mind too much. I was also pleased with the side salad with a side of Greek dressing: the dressing was excellent and the lettuce and toppings were so crispy-fresh that it was an ideal finisher to my filling Veggie Burger.

Vegans would certainly enjoy this burger, but don’t forget to mention you don’t want any cheese. Broken Yolk tops both the burger and the salad with cheese.

Yolk Burger

The Yolk Burger was definitely enjoyed by my husband. He raved about the crispy bacon, but admitted he should have ordered the burger Medium instead of Medium-Well. He does prefer his beef to be more on the cooked side rather than undercooked, but he thought this Yolk Burger would have benefited from a little less time on the grill, so now he knows for next time. So there will be a next time! By the way, his fries were amazing. So, so good. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just the way we like them, and there were a lot on his plate so he offered that I take a handful. I was actually pretty satisfied with what I had already eaten, so I just tried 3. You have to try at least 3 fries anywhere in order to truly understand them.

These dishes were served beautifully and presented as if you were eating at a bistro rather than a diner. The prices are perfect: you can get The Classic of 2 large eggs any style with seasoned homefries and toast for $5.99 and prices max out at $8.49. Broken Yolk has their own blend of dark roasted coffee which is really smooth and they even sell the beans separately by the pound. They also now offer gluten free options for breakfast and lunch. We got there at about 2:15 or 2:20 (weather was terrible) and we left our mostly cleared table at 2:50 so hopefully our server could clear our table and finish sweeping our area by 3 (as a former server, I’m sensitive to these things), so I have to say the food and service was fast for as good as the food was.

Buffalo’s Broken Yolk on Transit in West Seneca is definitely worth the drive. If you haven’t been, go! You won’t be disappointed and both my husband and I are already looking forward to going back!

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