Buffalo Reading Invasion 2015

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Join hundreds of locals this upcoming Monday, June 8th at Bidwell Parkway for the first Buffalo Reading Invasion!

Buffalo Reading Invasion

Reading Invasions are like flash mobs for book worms. You show up in a public place, plop down with a book for an hour, and then pack up and leave. What sounds easier or better than on a summer afternoon in Elmwood Village?!

The first Buffalo Reading Invasion of 2015 is happening Monday, June 8th from 7 pm to 8 pm at Bidwell Parkway in the grassy area East of Elmwood. That’s the Aroma Cafe and Talking Leaves Bookstore side, for those of you are visual rather than directional. So even if you don’t have a book to read, get there early and peruse Talking Leaves for something to read!

And while you’re at it, maybe do dinner before or afterwards at one of the fabulous Elmwood restaurants like Blue Monk, Agave, or Tokyo Shanghai Bistro!

Finally, don’t forget to like Buffalo Reading Invasion’s Facebook Page. If you need some ideas of something to read, currently the Unofficial Yelp Book Club is reading The Martian: A Novel by Andy Weir.

So far, I’m loving it. It’s smart, incredibly crass, and off to a great start about surviving on Mars. I’d definitely recommend downloading the Kindle version here, because while there’s nothing like holding a book in your hands and licking your finger to flip a page, I’ve become a bit of a minimalist in my aging. I find I prefer carrying around hundreds of eBooks as I move from place to place rather than I like moving boxes of hard copies from place to place. Not the same, but so much lighter and I don’t have to keep buying bookshelves that bow. Ok, I’m getting on a tangent. Read The Martian if you’re looking for something, it’s just really enjoyable and sarcastic; very much something Millennial’s like myself can relate to.

So! The First Buffalo Reading Invasion of 2015! Be there! I will!

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