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Thank goodness for Blue Bull Tavern, a new sleek sports bar in Amherst that’s perfect for drinks and a bite to eat

Blue Bull Tavern is a new locally owned bar just across the North UB campus on Sweet Home. This bar is located in the back corner of the University Place center and it’s actually pretty easy to get to. The street could be widened so there is an actual turn lane, but that’s most certainly not University Place’s problem. There’s plenty of parking right around the corner of Blue Bull Tavern, so that’s certainly a win!

Jack-O Traveler Seasonal Shandy

When my hubby and I walked in, the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. It’s definitely a sports bar, almost reminiscent of Acropolis OPA with plenty of drink selections and games on the TV, but more seating and the servers were fantastic.

We sat ourselves and in a minute or two a server came over to give us menus, tell us about what was on tap, and how the Local Restaurant Week specials worked. Her attention, friendly demeanor, and knowledge of what was going on got me and my hubby to order the Jack-O Traveler Seasonal Shandy which was unusual and awesome!

That being said, this isn’t a place I’d recommend to vegetarians for a full-blown meal. Blue Bull Tavern is new, so they’re still getting into the swing of things and working out kinks, I’m sure, so I’m keeping it on my radar in case they expand their menu. That being said, the few vegetarian options they had were amaze-balls. Their Tuscan Grilled Flatbread Pizza was undoubtedly the best flatbread pizza I’ve ever had in my life. Every single component of this appetizer was flavored, perfectly cooked, and fresh. It. Was. Delicious! I highly, highly recommend it.

Tuscan Grilled Flatbread Pizza

Their twice cooked fries were outstanding too. Blue Bull Tavern has a malt vinegar aioli that is mouthwatering to just think about. As someone whose biggest weak spot is salt and vinegar potato chips, their Basket of Hand-Cut Fries is worth the trip alone.

Blue Bull Tavern also has a Banana Pepper Dip served with tortilla chips that I noticed made its way to several tables, but as far as vegetarian options, that’s it. However, based on the two that I had and the plethora of these dips I saw at the bar and several other tables, these 3 items are well worth the visit.

My husband and I were here for about 35-40 minutes on a Saturday evening and in that time it went from a few seated tables and pretty crowded bar to completely packed. Not only that, but the crowd was surprisingly older. Being so near UB I thought it would really bring in the students, and maybe on away-games it does, but the crowd seemed to be more along the line of working professionals and professors. The prices of the entrees probably keeps the crowd a more financially established one, but the drink specials for Bulls and Bills games probably brings down the age medium. Once the place was packed, the service suffered a bit, but they were also in the process of training a new server while we were there, so apparently Blue Bull is aware of the needed increase in staff. Like I said, they’re new and still figuring it out, so it’s pretty easy for me to cut them some slack.

All in all, I was impressed. Keep Blue Bull Tavern in mind for a drink and bite to eat. Their food is incredible and I can’t wait to see what else they’ll have for us in the future!

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