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Acropolis pita roll up

If you’re vegetarian and in Buffalo, you know about Acropolis on Elmwood.

As you can probably take from the name, Acropolis OPA is a Greek influenced restaurant with an outstanding selection of breakfast, lunch, and appetizers, and a killer bar selection.

I’ve been a fan of Acropolis for years. My husband and I found our way in there prior to it’s remodel, back when it only had a handful of tables, the bar, and a patio. Now it’s grown to a multi-level restaurant with plenty of seating in a very sexy, modern setting.


I have never been there an had a bad meal. Everything at Acropolis is flavorful, fresh, and homemade (well, it’s been homemade somewhere even if it wasn’t there). They have their own sauces and aioli that are bursting with flavor. Not that you need a lot of the sauces: the food they prepare is always delicious. I’ve had the flatbread sandwiches with grilled veggies (not easy to eat, but totally worth it), the vegetarian sampler (stuffed grape leaves, falafel, hummus, a total Greekfest of flavors in my mouth), I’ve had the falafel wrap, veggie wrap, tuna salad croissant, and some of the breakfast dishes; everything is phenomenal. The falafel has spices throughout the fritter, the grape leaves are marinated to tart deliciousnesses, the hummus–get out of here, I don’t even know what to say about it. Acropolis might have the best hummus in Buffalo, it’s hard to think of a better place–and I try it everywhere, so that’s quite a feat. The pita bread is always served soft and warm, the fruits are fresh, and the drinks are excellent. We’ve ordered a Bloody Mary or Mimosa a time or two in our many days there.

So ambiance: chic. Food: exceptional. Wait time? Well…

It’s my only negative critique of this place. It got to the point that if my husband and I knew we needed to be somewhere in two, two and half hours, Acropolis might be cutting it a little close. We’ve seen the fourth person at a table not get his food until the other three’s plates had already been cleared with only slight half-hearted apologies on the servers behalf. We’ve waited 45 minutes for coffee before.

At some point, not matter how good the food is, no matter how much the kitchen might just be running behind, not matter what, it’s unprofessional to leave any customers waiting as long as we have had to wait on multiple occasions for service. That I had to run out to feed the parking meter again because we were still waiting on our food an hour later was unacceptable. When I was a server at a restaurant, I was paying for appetizers for my tables out of my own pocket when they were waiting for their food for that long. Our servers at Acropolis have never been rude about our food taking so long, they just act like nothing is wrong waiting an hour for a two-top.

I understand busy shifts, off-days, backlogged kitchens, and newbies, and it’s OK. I spent years experiencing every crappy situation that can happen in a restaurant, so I recognize the signs. If the service is crappy, I’ll give a place a second short. Or third.

Likewise, I also recognize a really crappy management system. You can’t just hide that from people who were servers.

As a rule of thumb, I leave 20 percent. A server has to actually try to get me to leave 15 percent. Like, you have to put in some serious effort to ignore my drink refills, make me wait until my food is cold, insult me to my face and practically spit in my food to get that kind of tip. I was in servers shoes, and it physically hurts me to leave less because I know what it’s like. But this place, after leaving a 15 percent tip for the final time (I was determined to leave 10 because the experience was so bad, but when the moment came down to it and my hand was over the tip line on the receipt, I just didn’t have the guts to do it. You’re welcome, terrible mystery server I had never seen before and most likely will never see again), I haven’t been back. There have been times when my husband will say he really want Acropolis fries and I’ll muse that I could really go for their hummus, but then we look at each other and shake our heads. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The point is, Acropolis OPA has amazing food. They have great drinks. They have an incredible atmosphere. And they’ll give you plenty of time to take it all in.

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