10 Easy Soups

Keep the carbs low and hydration high with soup

Well, that’s an assumption, but when I eat soup I consume relatively less carbs than a typical dinner. Even if the stock is salted, it’s still hydrating. With that, I’m happy to share this infographic of 10 easy soup recipes originally created by Shape.com.

First, I’m a big fan of Better Than Bouillons Vegetarian selections. They have No Beef Base and No Chicken Base bouillons that are vegan certified, contain 1/3 less sodium than other bouillons, fat free, non-irradiated, and are lactose/whey/caseinate free. These beauties have been my favorite means of vegetable stock for years, and I highly recommend them to get that extra meaty flavor. You can make some really wonderful soups with these, and I can usually find them at Wegman’s.

Like these recipes suggest, I love using canned beans and lentils. It speeds up the cooking process to minutes instead of hours. Sometimes I’ll cheat with canned tomatoes, but if it’s summer time, I’ll usually freshen up the soups with tomatoes and herbs out of my garden. Typically I like the soups to use as fresh ingredients as possible, but as far as beans go, I don’t have that kind of time.

You’ll see there are several recipes with meat. I’ll admit, I haven’t found a good meat substitute that will hold up in a soup. Well, there are some that will hold up, such as extra-firm tofu, but I don’t like them, so I’ll just omit the meat. The meatball soups are probably the most forgiving as I can cook vegan meatballs separately and then add them to my soup bowl at serving time so they don’t fall apart in the soup pot.

What soup hacks do you use? Which one’s are you excited to try first? Tell me on Pinterest by pinning this post!

10 Easy Soups

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