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  • Osteria 166

    Osteria 166

    Osteria 166 is a sexy and sleek place in Downtown Buffalo that offers an excellent bite to eat. Osteria 166 reminds me of that ever popular Frank Sinatra song: “Nice work if you can get it, and if you get it, won’t you tell me how!” During a pasta craving on a Friday night, I(…)

  • Yummy Thai

    Yummy Thai

    Yummy Thai has locations in both Buffalo and North Tonawanda to bring you some incredible vegetarian Asian fare. As a vegetarian, I love me some Asian food, and there’s not much that beats Thai. Yummy Thai is a great place for some flavorful dishes and great times with friends! The first time I every tried(…)

  • Essex St. Pub

    Essex St. Pub

    Elmwood Village Vegetarian My husband and I drove into Buffalo after nearly a two-year hiatus. We were tired, we were stressed, but damnit we were happy to be home! We celebrated with dinner at a Buffalo restaurant. Essex St. Pub has been around since before I left, yet I never made it in. While chatting(…)

  • Lloyd Taco Factory

    Lloyd Taco Factory

    Lloyd Tacos find a permanent home on Hertel and the neighborhood is oh-so-happy. (*Featured Image is from our friends at Buffalo Rising because it’s hard to beat) Alright, it’s me who is oh-so-happy, but Hertel is my neighborhood, so I’m not technically wrong. I went to the soft opening of Lloyd Taco Factory at 1503 Hertel Ave(…)

  • Aguacates Mexican Bar and Grill

    Aguacates Mexican Bar and Grill

    Elmwood Village Vegetarian El Agave was one of my favorite restaurants in the Village. It was cheap, the servers were nice, the food was good, and the setting was intimate. We don’t need to go into details as to why it’s not here anymore, but its replacement, Aguacates Mexican Bar and Grill, is a great(…)

  • Allen Burger Venture

    Allen Burger Venture

    Allentown Vegetarian Vegans and vegetarians don’t have to shy away from Allen Burger Venture as the menu is prepared for alternative eaters. Vegetarian burgers are always tricky for me. So many restaurants cop out by throwing a frozen soy bean patty in the microwave and calling that good. That doesn’t work for me as I(…)

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Welcome to Vegetarian Buffalo. In a city known for it's wings, it can be hard to find somewhere with a veggie option only, but it can be done, and Vegetarian Buffalo is here to show you how! Here you'll find a list of Buffalo restaurant reviews that will cater to alternative eater's whims and desires. As long as a restaurant is on Vegetarian Buffalo, they serve some kind of delicious vegetarian dish.

There's also plenty of tasty vegetarian recipes so you can try your hand at creating meat-free dishes that have been tried and approved. We've spent many hours on Pinterest and Facebook finding good looking vegetarian recipes and whipping up those dishes in the kitchen so you can cook with confidence!

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New Recipes

Paleo Sweet Potato Chips

Paleo Sweet Potato Chips

Looking for a snack that’s not all empty calories? Say hello to my little–ope, they’re all gone. With the paleo craze going on, I’ve never seen more sweet potato recipes, and couldn’t be happier! Sweet potatoes are delicious, filling, and naturally sweet. They’re naturally packed full of Vitamin A, potassium, manganese, and a healthy dose(…)


(716) Food and Sport

(716) Food and Sport

Looking for that Sports Bar experience where vegetarians can actually eat? 716 Food and Sport is here to answer our collective prayers. Sports bars are so much fun, but they can often feel like a vegetarians bane. We can all breathe a sigh of relief with the arrival of (716) Food and Sport! This sexy new(…)



Looking for a quick and fresh lunch? Free Wi-Fi? Need to do a little shopping on your break? Then Wegmans is the place for you Eating in a grocery store is usually frowned upon, but Wegmans is a-whole-nother story. When we first moved to Buffalo, my husband and I were asking around for some good(…)

Blue Bull Tavern

Blue Bull Tavern

Thank goodness for Blue Bull Tavern, a new sleek sports bar in Amherst that’s perfect for drinks and a bite to eat Blue Bull Tavern is a new locally owned bar just across the North UB campus on Sweet Home. This bar is located in the back corner of the University Place center and it’s(…)

Jewel of India

Jewel of India

Hertel Avenue has a gem tucked between its many restaurants thanks to Jewel of India. If you haven’t tried this Indian restaurant, you haven’t been a very good vegetarian. That, or maybe you “don’t like Indian food.” Vegetarian Buffalo is about to take all (non-financial) responsibility for any trip you may embark on and the(…)


Lake Erie Wine Country Harvest Celebration

Lake Erie Wine Country Harvest Celebration

Get out of the city for a weekend and experience the Lake Erie Wine Country Harvest Celebration Lake Erie Wine Country, formerly known as Chautauqua-Lake Erie Wine Trail, will be hosting two fabulous Fall Harvest Celebrations in November, so grab some friends and hit the trail! Take the Lake Erie Wine Country Harvest Celebration at(…)

Local Restaurant Week Fall 2014

Local Restaurant Week Fall 2014

It’s that magical time again when independently owned restaurants in the Western New York area team together to promote local food! Local Restaurant Week is something everyone looks forward to. Over 150 restaurants participate in this event to serve lunch, dinner, or both, hovering somewhere around the featured price of $20.14. $20.14 could either be the(…)

Allentown Fall Festival

Allentown Fall Festival

Relish this season with your whole family at the Allentown Fall Festival and Buffalo Bike Ride! On Saturday October 11 from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Allen Street will revive its Allentown Fall Festival with artist booths, kids activities, live music, and food trucks galore! Allen Street will be closed to traffic but open to(…)

Halloween on Hertel 2014

Halloween on Hertel 2014

Trick or Treat! Smell My Feet! Give Me Something Good To Eat at Halloween on Hertel! Looking for something fun and safe to do for the little ones this Halloween? Dress your kiddos up and take them Trick or Treating on Hertel Ave on October 25th from 11am to 1pm! Update [10/20/14]: via Halloween on(…)

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