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Let’s bring it back to the heart of the city with Don Tequila: some of the best Mexican in Buffalo!

Here at Vegetarian Buffalo, we’ve covered a few vegetarian Mexican restaurants, but they’ve really been on the outer edges of the city proper. Now we’re bringing it back to Buffalo right in heart of Downtown.

Don Tequila Margarita

Don Tequila is located at 73 Allen St. in Downtown Buffalo. They’re open for lunch and dinner daily with weekly specials for both food and drinks. I have friends who work in the downtown area during the day and they love going there for incredibly affordable lunch specials, and I’ve dined here several times for dinner.

The nice thing about this place is I’ve always been seated in a reasonable time for walking in without a reservation. It has either been immediately, or just a couple minutes wait, which has given  me the chance to try out some of their fantastic drink selections at the snazzy bar just inside the restaurant. I will say Don Tequila does it right by having a distinct, separate space for their bar area and their dining area. A few other restaurants in Buffalo and the surrounding areas haven’t figured out this flow plan, but Don Tequila has and it’s greatly appreciated, especially once traffic picks up and the place gets slammed.

Don Tequila chips and salsa

You’ve read my posts about value in regards to plate portion versus price. Rest assured that Don Tequila’s value is spot on! Their drinks are excellent (so, so excellent!), the prices for their dinners are reasonable, and the sizes are definitely in need of a carry out box.

As all Mexican restaurants tend to do, Don Tequila drops off a basket of tortilla chips and some homemade salsa. I’m not a huge salsa fan, but their salsa is addictive! It’s fresh, savory, and not in the least bit chunky, but not too smooth or runny either. It’s perfect and you’ll have to pace yourself. Yeah, eating chips and salsa can be mechanical, but you’ll actually be loving this stuff so much it’s going to be hard to wait for your food.

Don Tequila Vegetarian D

Naturally, I gravitate towards their vegetarian menu. It’s decently sized with several options to choose from. The first time I went to Don Tequila not knowing what to expect, I ordered the Vegetarian D which consists of a bean tostada, a cheese enchilada, and Mexican rice and beans. It would have been minimal on the cheese and allowed me to taste their rice and beans (I love Mexican rice and beans, it’s one of my favorite things in the world right now). While the image to the left does leave out the beans, the tostada was loaded with the bean mixture under all that fresh lettuce and cheese.  Their enchilada cheese, much like everywhere else, is greasy and delicious, and the tostada and toppers are crisp and appetizing. Needless to say, despite the misleading menu description, the Vegetarian D was good enough to bring me back to Don Tequila a second time.

The next time back had me spreading my wings to Vegetarian A which consists of a bean burrito (holy deliciousness, batman), one quesadilla, and one bean tostada. And because I’m really into Mexican Rice right now, I ordered a side of that. No. Regrets. At. All. The burrito wasn’t overly large, but filled with the amazing, smooth, bean mixture Don Tequila makes. The quesadilla was definitely too much cheese to handle, but the quality was good and as you can tell from the image below, the presentation was beautiful. Again, the tostada helped bring balance to the plate with cool, crisp lettuce, and a crunchy tortilla shell underneath.

Don Tequila Vegetarian A

I went about devouring this incredible meal all wrong: I should have started with the bean tostada first and completely eaten that before moving on to the other two portions on my place plus the rice. There’s just so much food it’s impossible to finish, even without the additional side! I left half of everything and took the bean burrito, quesadilla, and most of the side of rice in a to-go box and left the perfectly good half of a tostada behind, since lettuce never keeps. At least I have a game plan for next time.

It should be said that when eating the rice by itself, it’s dry. And I’m OK with that. Obviously, as I’ve only dined here in the evening, the rice has had a full day, or at least a couple of hours, for any moisture to evaporate off and leave the hot rice dry and the lima beans, green beans, carrots and peas a little dehydrated. Don Tequila’s rice just pairs so well with their burritos and enchiladas that I’m happy to have it any way it’s served.

If you’re in Downtown Buffalo or are looking for an awesome place to eat, make your way to Allen street and feast your eyes on Don Tequila’s thirst quenching drinks, mouth watering food, and easy going atmosphere!

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