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  • Providence Social

    Providence Social

    Tucked away on Rhode Island St in Buffalo, NY is Providence Social, our second stop for Local Restaurant Week Spring 2015 On Tuesday of Local Restaurant Week, 5 Yelpers met at Providence Social under the reservation ‘Yelp Buffalo Book Club’. When we planned this event the previous month while wrapping up our first book at(…)

  • Lloyd Taco Truck

    Lloyd Taco Truck

    While Lloyd caters to taco lovers of every kind, Lloyd Taco Truck has a special place in our hearts for it’s generosity towards vegetarians and vegans. If you see that big, beautiful, bright green food truck, pull over and prepare to be amazed! Lloyd Taco Truck is toted as the first food truck in Buffalo,(…)

  • Orange Cat Coffee Co.

    Orange Cat Coffee Co.

    (Image Source) Those of us in Buffalo aren’t afraid to trek to Lewiston for a show at Art Park, but where to eat?  Have no fear, Orange Cat Coffee Co is here. I enjoy a good cup of coffee perhaps even slightly more than the next person, so when I saw Orange Cat Coffee Co(…)

  • Yummy Thai

    Yummy Thai

    Yummy Thai has locations in both Buffalo and North Tonawanda to bring you some incredible vegetarian Asian fare. As a vegetarian, I love me some Asian food, and there’s not much that beats Thai. Yummy Thai is a great place for some flavorful dishes and great times with friends! The first time I every tried(…)

  • The Lodge  Bar + Grill

    The Lodge Bar + Grill

    (image source) A name like ‘The Lodge’ might lead some to assume it’s a steakhouse, but Vegetarians, don’t write it off! The Lodge is going to make you a very happy herbivore: My prior association with The Lodge on 79 W Chippewa St, Buffalo, NY 14202 was from a co-worker who said he ordered his(…)

  • Osteria 166

    Osteria 166

    Osteria 166 is a sexy and sleek place in Downtown Buffalo that offers an excellent bite to eat. Osteria 166 reminds me of that ever popular Frank Sinatra song: “Nice work if you can get it, and if you get it, won’t you tell me how!” During a pasta craving on a Friday night, I(…)

  • Coco


    Coco Bar and Bistro is one of my new favorite places in Buffalo, and it’s all thanks to Local Restaurant Week. Coco first got on my radar when they featured their first Vegan Prix Fixe dinner. They maxed out on reservations and it was so successful Coco is hosting another one on April 13th, 2015!(…)

  • Lloyd Taco Factory

    Lloyd Taco Factory

    Lloyd Tacos find a permanent home on Hertel and the neighborhood is oh-so-happy. (*Featured Image is from our friends at Buffalo Rising because it’s hard to beat) Alright, it’s me who is oh-so-happy, but Hertel is my neighborhood, so I’m not technically wrong. I went to the soft opening of Lloyd Taco Factory at 1503 Hertel Ave(…)

  • Buffalo’s Broken Yolk

    Buffalo’s Broken Yolk

    West Seneca always surprises me with some really great food, and Buffalo’s Broken Yolk has kept that tradition going! You’ve probably heard about Broken Yolk already from some of its outstanding write-ups in reviews in Step Out Buffalo, Gusto, and the gazillion pictures and raving recommendations posted on Yelp.  Those reviews definitely turned me on(…)

  • Blue Bull Tavern

    Blue Bull Tavern

    Thank goodness for Blue Bull Tavern, a new sleek sports bar in Amherst that’s perfect for drinks and a bite to eat Blue Bull Tavern is a new locally owned bar just across the North UB campus on Sweet Home. This bar is located in the back corner of the University Place center and it’s(…)

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New Recipes

Favorite Juice Recipes

Favorite Juice Recipes

You’ve heard about juicing. Maybe you’ve even thought about making a juice recipe or two. Well, give juicing a shot with some of Vegetarian Buffalo’s favorite juicing recipes! I started my juicing journey directly after watching the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I loved it and other people have really enjoyed it, so feel free(…)

Spinach Mushroom Lasagna

Spinach Mushroom Lasagna

Looking for the best lasagna you can serve up to your family? Look no further, because here at Vegetarian Buffalo, we nailed it! First we need to clear the mouth watering air: it’s really hard to take an appetizing photo of this dish. Like, really, really, really hard. Reason for that is this lasagna is(…)


Don Tequila

Don Tequila

Let’s bring it back to the heart of the city with Don Tequila: some of the best Mexican in Buffalo! Here at Vegetarian Buffalo, we’ve covered a few vegetarian Mexican restaurants, but they’ve really been on the outer edges of the city proper. Now we’re bringing it back to Buffalo right in heart of Downtown.(…)



On Labor Day 2014, BreadHive held a grand opening for their ordering window and naturally Vegetarian Buffalo had to be there! Breadhive is a worker cooperative bakery located at 123 Baynes Street on the West side of Richmond. What’s a worker cooperative bakery, you may ask? Well, we did too, and apparently several others, because(…)

Resurgence Brewing Co.

Resurgence Brewing Co.

Buffalo Now Has It’s Own Beer Garden Thanks to Resurgence Brewing Co. If you haven’t been to Resurgence Brewing Co. on 1250 Niagara Street, you’ve been missing out. This beautifully renovated warehouse has been turned into a shiny, wide-open beer garden and brewery for beer lovers of all kinds. Resurgence brewers Jeff Ware and Dave(…)

El Palenque

El Palenque

If you’re around the shopping district on NFB for lunch time, ditch the chain restaurants by the mall and head to great Buffalo Mexican food at El Palenque! There are a lot of offices and shopping just North of Buffalo which means there are a lot of restaurants to dine at. Namely, since the Boulevard(…)


What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

Bring in 2016 with a New Years Eve in Downtown Buffalo! Merge One of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, Merge, will be hosting a New Years Eve special menu that gives vegans, vegetarians, and gluten free diners something to celebrate! The four course menu gives several options to choose from for all our alternative eaters. We’re(…)

2-for-1 Polenta Wings Monday

2-for-1 Polenta Wings Monday

All Summer long we get to enjoy 2-for-1 Polenta “Wings” Monday evenings at Cafe 59 How did I not even know about Cafe 59’s Polenta Wings? I feel so cheated! But I do have to admit, the eggplant wings I’ve been enjoying so much at Gordon’s haven’t been a disappointment. I’m excited to get to(…)

Buffalo Reading Invasion 2015

Buffalo Reading Invasion 2015

Join hundreds of locals this upcoming Monday, June 8th at Bidwell Parkway for the first Buffalo Reading Invasion! Reading Invasions are like flash mobs for book worms. You show up in a public place, plop down with a book for an hour, and then pack up and leave. What sounds easier or better than on(…)

Geek Day 5K

Geek Day 5K

We all “geek out” about something, so it only seems natural to want to participate in the Geek Day 5K virtual run! For some reason I’m just hearing about this now?! And so I’m passing it along to you, fellow readers. May 25th, 1977 was the official release of Star Wars: A New Hope. That(…)

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